A common sense victory on the parking plan | County Chief of St George and Sutherland

Finally, common sense prevailed over the Heathcote East parking station project, thanks to the chief and community groups for their tremendous efforts to stop it.

IF Ribbon Cutting Minister Lee Evans wants to do something constructive for his Heathcote electorate, spend the parking money on modernizing and widening the old Heathcote East Bridge.

A victory, a victory in all respects for the residents of Heathcote East and the Liberal Party could even find favor with its constituents.

Time to hang up the boots, Lee

Regarding frontman Lee Evans’ comments on November 24th.

“It’s too contentious, too hard and I’m too old in the tooth to take it”

The voters of the Heathcote electorate certainly deserve better than this politician.

Time to hang up the boots, Mr. Evans.

Yes man

Lee Evans has already failed to achieve the Heathcote Road widening after nine years of work, and having supported the idea of ​​further congesting the East Heathcote area with a 250-space car park, he has now backed down.

Is Lee Evans the local MP standing up for the needs of his local constituents, or is he just the yes man for the Liberal government.

Let us not forget the debacle of Eleni Petinos, the suburb of Janalli and the attempt to take back people’s homes for the same parking lot.

How to vote the cards

We received several “How to Vote” cards from various political parties in our neighborhood. Besides not wanting “partisan politics” in local government, no one has said anything about development, especially the host units which are a plague in the County. Services, road, water and public transport seem to be overwhelmed.

Our local elected officials seem to be doing nothing, no matter what political party they belong to and we cannot expect councilors to do anything else. Not to mention the scourge of ‘rail car parks’, against which the council seems to do nothing but cry crocodile tears.

Praise to the Cronulla Library

How fabulous the Cronulla library is! My son is in grade 12 studying for his HSC and the Cronulla library has been amazing! After four months of home schooling and online learning, it’s hard to stay focused and motivated. He rarely used the Cronulla library until about last month. He now goes to study regularly and they have provided the students with fruit, pizza, lollipops, genuine kindness and endless support. They have been a godsend in supporting these children and I am very grateful to them. They honestly made such a difference for the grade 12 kids who study there. They went above and beyond and what they did did not go unnoticed. Thank you very much, Cronulla Library. You are all awesome.

I will vote for Steele

So excited and proud to see the Georgia Steele campaign launch for Hughes Federal Seat. Georgia is down to earth, a cool head with a brilliant mind and brilliant platforms that have the real potential to raise the profile of Hughes’ electorate and bring integrity back to the region. Georgia and I met and became friends while recently taking the UNSW Pathway to Politics for Women course (a selective course for women considering a political career and the first for NSW). It is absolutely wonderful and so encouraging to see alumni of this course rallying for their community and overcoming the tremendous obstacles women face in taking this step. Georgia has been very supportive of me in my efforts to win a seat on the Liverpool board as an independent, and I look forward to cheering her on throughout her campaign. I cannot think of a more capable and suitable candidate.

Ellie Robertson, Holsworthy

Greedy humanity behind climate change

Everyone seems to have their own ideas about climate change, well here’s mine – MOTHER NATURE can’t be bribed, not all the money in the world will satisfy her, she’s sick of humans destroying what she is. created, like cutting down forests around the globe which had a purpose on our environment, in particular the deforestation of tropical forests in the Amazon and across the world which was necessary for our ecosystem. Houses are now built without open space for gardens or grass. When was the last time you saw a bee? I have had bumblebees under my house for years. They are now gone. On my back street, before the developers moved in, each house was built behind existing trees with lawns / gardens including grassed paths and grassy backyards. Now we don’t have such beauty, just garden gnomes (cars) parked on the street and duplexes built almost to the sidewalk, all alike, no individuality, all square boxes. As older people, let’s call them “The Pioneers of the Sutherland Shire”, leave their homes, more and more of these unsightly (so-called affordable duplexes) will be built and sold for over a million each, on a block of. a quarter of an acre where once stood a house with gardens, etc. AND off-street parking. Coal is not the problem of climate change. It is the greed of man and of man alone all over the world.

Thelma Vorley, South Caringbah

Yes, the Shire is not helping climate change

In response to “Shire is not helping climate change, Leader. I couldn’t have said it better, Shirley Evans. Many of us agree precisely with what you have said. The Shire Council must stop developers from cutting down trees and building ugly cement boxes (which they call duplexes and apartments) and keeping trees instead. They should also do a bit of beautification by planting colorful native trees and shrubs around the Shire, especially in reserves and parks. The current reserves are sorely lacking in much needed gardens, especially in southern Caringbah.

Joan Hunt, South Caringbah

Highway improvement

When will they ever finish the road works in Kirrawee / Sutherland? Slow like. It must have been about five years since they started.


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