A councilor asks for a restriction on the parking of motorhomes in Narin

The Cathaoirleach of the Municipal District of Glenties, Cllr Anthony Molloy asked if there could be any restrictions on overnight motorhome parking in the Narin Pier area.

The Fianna Fáil Councilor raised the issue at a recent Glenties Municipal District meeting. A recent investigation was conducted by KPMG and Fianna Fáil adviser Noreen McGarvey was keen to find out if any of the recommendations had been implemented.

Cllr Michael Mc Clafferty asked what the situation was with campervan waste, he said: “They go to the shops and there are no more bags available and they have to take them [the waste] with them, or using trash cans in cities, he said.

He described a situation where Portnablagh jetty was recently blocked due to motorhomes and caravans and this fisherman could not access the jetty.

Cllr Anthony Molloy said he had received numerous calls about motorhomes blocking Narin Pier over the past bank holiday. He added that litter and parties had also been an issue. He asked Donegal County Council Coastal Officer David Friel if anything could be done about restricting overnight parking and asked if signage could be erected at the quay.

Mr. Friel said KPMG had conducted an investigation and therefore a code of conduct would be established to address many of the issues raised.

Donegal County Council recently issued a notice reminding caravan park owners of the busy season ahead, it read: ‘As the number of visitors to the county begins to increase, owners of caravan parks or campsites to ensure that adequate sewage treatment facilities are provided and maintained on their sites, in order to protect human health and the environment, in particular adjacent bathing waters.”

Operators are required to apply to the council for and obtain a license to discharge commercial effluent to land under Section 4 of the Water Pollution Act, if they do not already hold one.