A man looking for a parking space finds a trash can chained to the road to avoid the gap

A local authority has issued a warning after a man looking for a parking space discovered a resident had chained a wheelie bin to the floor in an attempt to save a space.

Chad Miah was trying to find a place to park near his friend’s house when he came across the obstacle. Chad’s friend was getting married that day and he had to park nearby.

Chad found what looked like a space in front of the address – with a trashcan in the road. But when he tried to move the bin he discovered it was tied to the ground with a chain and secured with a padlock, BirminghamLive reports.

Chad says he has now discovered that space reservation is not uncommon in Handsworth, where residents also use official-looking cones to claim a gap.

Chad said: “My mate lives across the street and he was getting married that day. I went to move the bin but realized whoever had done this had drilled it into the ground with a bolt and hook The trash can was attached to a metal chain and had a padlock on it.

“They had to strain to do it, just to save a parking space. I was jerking him off, but he wasn’t moving. I’ve seen it all now.”

Chad added: “It’s pure selfishness. Parking is a big deal in Handsworth and this street in particular is a nightmare to drive on. We would all love to come home to parking in front of our houses but that’s not is not the case.”

A spokeswoman for Birmingham City Council said: ‘We would ask people to park with consideration and respect all road users, and the use of a wheelie bin to reserve space on the motorway could be considered an obstruction of the freeway.”

Local resident Evan Gayle said, “I’d cut that right off.”

Neighbor Jacqueline Jones said: “It causes an obstruction on the freeway. Too many traffic accidents are caused by leaving such objects on the road.”

Local Samina Nawaz said, “I give this person 10/10 for coming up with this.” Dee Rowe added: “I don’t blame them, that road is crazy to drive through, not to mention the parking there.”