A suspected WW2 bomb in Widnes car park caused a controlled explosion

A suspected World War II bomb was left in a car in a parking lot in Widnes shortly before a ‘controlled explosion’.

Mobile phone footage shared on social media showed several police cars at Dundalk Field, off Dundalk Road in Widnes around 7.50pm on Monday May 30. In the footage you can hear the police count before seeing a huge explosion in the fields.

Eyewitnesses said it was unclear where the device had come from, but nearby roads near Asda on Widnes Road were closed. Children were also seen playing football a few meters away.

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Cheshire Police have since confirmed that a member of the public attended Widnes Police Station at around 6.20pm to hand over a ‘suspected World War II incendiary device’. The device had been left in the man’s car in a car park on Widnes Road. No arrests have been made, police confirmed.

A spokesperson added: “As a precaution, the decision was made to cordon off and EODs were called to the scene. The device was taken to a nearby field, security measures were taken. were put in place and a controlled explosion was carried out by EOD.”