A woman angers her neighbors by parking her car in two spaces | United Kingdom | News

Taking to Reddit, the user claimed her neighbors got mad at her for no reason – just because she parked in the middle of the two spaces. The woman explained that the apartment she lives with her husband has underground parking and that although the couple only have one car, the rent includes two parking spaces.

At first, she only ever parked in one of her designated spots, but since the parking lot is “pretty tight”, she found it difficult to get her car out if someone parked next to her. .

Now the woman and her partner have decided to use their two spaces and park their car in the middle – preventing other drivers from parking in either space, reports The Mirror.

Her message read: “My husband and I live in an apartment complex that has underground parking. As part of our rent, we pay for two parking spaces, but we only have one car.

“The parking area under the block is quite narrow and one of our spaces is next to a corner wall, but when someone parks in the next corner wall, it overlaps our This means that it is sometimes quite difficult to get our car in and out.

“Recently people parked in our second spot and we had to leave notes politely asking people not to.

“To counter this my husband started parking in both of our spaces (in the middle of our spaces basically) but the other day someone left us a rude note saying we shouldn’t park like that.

“[Am I wrong] to use my two car spaces when I only have one car? Our neighbors might think we’re safe to use both with one car – but it’s safe to park in our place!”

Most people sided with the woman in the comments, saying that when she pays for the spaces, she has the right to use them however she wants – even parking in the middle of the two.

One person said, “It’s your parking spot. No you’re not a jerk to use the parking spots you pay for.”

While another added: “These are your spaces, you pay for. You can park however you like.”