Alderman approves two paid parking kiosks in Cotton District on a trial basis

STARKVILLE — Aldermen voted unanimously on Tuesday to authorize Mayor Lynn Spruill to organize and coordinate the installation of two fee-paying kiosks in the Cotton District on a trial basis.

The kiosks will likely be placed at opposite ends of the area, which stretches from Montgomery Street east of Mississippi State University, where drivers are asked to pay to park their vehicles for more than 15 minutes.

The terminals only accept payment by credit card and are an alternative for residents and visitors who do not wish to pay for their parking via the ParkMobile app or website.

“It’s something that’s customary and done in college towns,” Ward 5 Alderman Hamp Beatty said. “Short of putting meters in every parking space, that’s the best way to give people an alternative to using the ParkMobile app.”

Beatty has long advocated installing kiosks as an alternative to the app, especially for residents or visitors who may not have a smartphone. The terminals communicate with ParkMobile.

The kiosks are solar powered, feature a large touch screen, and are ADA compliant. The aldermen briefly discussed how long the kiosks should remain in the city center on trial and eventually agreed to place them on the street for three months or for the duration of the football season, whichever comes first. , depending on how quickly kiosks can be ordered and installed.

ParkMobile was first introduced to Starkville on March 15, but service was discontinued after negative public reception and resistance, primarily due to a lack of awareness and understanding of the new paid parking system.

Paid parking through parking solutions company ParkMobile resumed on June 2 for customers and visitors in parts of downtown Starkville. Paid parking has been introduced to encourage faster turnover of parking spaces to ensure customers of businesses in the area have a place to park.

Spruill said the city will get the two Access Control Group kiosks for $6,600 each. In addition, the city may impose a monthly service charge of $250.