Anti-restriction protest underway in central Alberta despite injunction – Red Deer Advocate

A large crowd gathered in the parking lot of the Whistle Stop Cafe in Mirror to rally against COVID-19 restrictions in Alberta.

The Save Alberta Campout protest brought together a number of guest speakers on Saturday, including Whistle Stop owner Chris Scott.

“No matter what the problem is, there is a mechanism in place where someone can tell you that you no longer have your rights,” Scott said during the rally.

“You cannot go to church with your neighbors. You can’t go hang in the park (with) 20 at a time. You can’t go to work and if you are going to work you have to put something on your face. When did this become OK? It’s not okay. “

Scott said the only way things will change is if Albertans question elected officials.

“What gives you the right to legislate that is supposed to be on our behalf?” What gives you the right to introduce something that can deprive us of our rights with the stroke of a pen? Scott said.

As a large crowd of people without masks stood together on Saturday, cheering, clapping and eating, RCMP officers stood next to them on Saturday as Scott took the stage and gathered the crowd to join him in what ‘he called civil disobedience “peaceful”.

Officers wearing body cameras said they were maintaining order and educating pickers who did not wear masks about COVID-19 regulations.

The Court of Queen’s Bench on Thursday granted Alberta Health Services a preventive injunction against the protest.

The injunction essentially defined the event as an illegal public gathering that did not meet the requirements of the Chief Medical Officer of Health (CMOH) order on masking, presence limits and physical distance.

The ordinance prevented the owner and others from organizing, promoting and attending the event and includes law enforcement and imposes significant consequences on the organizers of this event and deters others from d ‘organize similar events in the future.

The action also sought and received a court order against all other organizers of illegal rallies and gatherings announced in violation of COVID-19 public health orders.

Under the injunction, RCMP officers were allowed to use reasonable force to arrest and remove anyone at the rally who violated public health orders.

–With files from The Canadian Press

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