Back to normal? Preparation Coaches Welcome Season Without Strict COVID Restrictions | High school

A highly anticipated preseason game with Central Hoover as well as the regular season opener against Park Crossing have been called off due to a positive test on the team and required contact tracing procedures. Dothan had another match canceled a few weeks later due to an opponent testing positive for COVID.

Wolves head coach Smitty Grider said COVID issues and a few issues off the pitch have driven the team up in a “tough” 2-7 season.

“COVID certainly had a big impact on us from the quarantine situation, to the tracing of contracts, to cases within the team and how we had to deal with it on the part of our administration to shut down and shut down. not allowing us to practice has really affected our season, ”said Grider. “We never really got over it. “

In total last year, there were 94 schedule changes among the 33 Dothan eaglee Alabama teams cover during the 11-week regular season due to cancellations, added games, and game date and site changes – an average of 8.5 changes per week. Most were linked to COVID, although 14 games were moved overnight due to potential concerns with Hurricane Sally moving inland and seven games were moved due to stadium or construction issues .

Alabama’s 33 teams in the Dothan Eagle coverage area has had some sort of schedule change, either by COVID or by the weather. Of these, 23 saw a match canceled by COVID, either on their own or with the opponent. The remaining 10 – Eufaula, Ashford, County Dale, Abbeville, Elba, County of Geneva, Elba, Kinston, Samson and Abbeville Christian – avoided any COVID issues for game nights, but had a weather forecast or addition set to day on the calendar.