Belvoir Castle revises parking fees at Engine Yard after outcry from customers facing heavy fines

The recently introduced parking fee at the Engine Yard at Belvoir Castle is under review following outcry from customers who have been fined without realizing that payment and posting had been introduced.

The Journal reported last week that many Engine Yard customers complained to Belvoir Castle and the Initial Parking parking company, saying the signage in the parking lot was inadequate and they were furious at the parking lot. being fined £ 60, rising to £ 100. if it is not paid within 14 days.

A statement on the Engine Yard Facebook page, released today, says customers have been listened to and therefore parking fees will change from May 15.

A photograph taken by Simon East of the pay and display board at the entrance to the motor yard, which he says is difficult for drivers to see when turning right into the entrance. (46881113)

Currently, customers who park at the Engine Yard can do so for free for the first hour, but then have to pay £ 3.50 for the second hour and there is a maximum stay of two hours.

Belvoir Castle now says there will be free parking for the first two hours (no ticket required) and an additional two hours can be purchased for £ 3.30. It indicates that there will be a maximum stay of four hours, although longer-term parking will be available in the main parking lot at the Chateau de Belvoir. New signage will also be installed in the Engine Yard and Castle car parking areas to “avoid further confusion”.

In his statement, he said: “We are aware of the growing concern and frustration over the parking fees that have recently been introduced in the engine yard. As a domain, we have listened to our customers and therefore revised our parking fees.

The motor yard at Belvoir castle.  (37760132)
The motor yard at Belvoir castle. (37760132)

“The Engine Yard is a small, powerful place with a bunch of wonderful independent businesses that need your support. However, there are a number of reasons below why a parking fee has been introduced.”

He added: “Reasons for the introduction of parking: In 2020 it was brought to our attention that our parking situation really needs to be improved for the safety of our community, visitors and staff. Therefore, part recently implemented fees will go directly to the upkeep of our site; pothole repair, signage and fencing maintenance, landscaping, daily waste collection, safety of nearby roads and maintenance of public facilities both at our ticket office and at the Engine Yard Retail Village.

“We plan to expand our parking lots and implement parking lot mapping everywhere, which the charges will go to as well. In addition, we are working with Highways to develop better accesses and roads.

“We of course invite our local community to enjoy our walks nearby, picnic in the surroundings and take in the beautiful scenery that Belvoir has to offer, but we also want to make sure that parking spaces are available by the hour. state-of-the-art for customers who visit to take advantage of all our facilities and support our independent businesses and businesses.

“Above all, we really appreciate our local customers who ‘come in’ to pick up click & collect orders, weekly essentials, last minute giveaways, etc., which is why we are offering two hours of free parking and a recharge only afterwards. two o’clock.”