Bizarre parking space near Harrods is up for sale for £85,000

Just in case you need another reason not to drive in London, this ridiculously priced parking space might do the trick.

Close to Harrods, the small space looks set to squeeze potential buyers’ wallets, as it’s on the market for £85,000.

For context, that’s around £84,995 more than most local parking spaces.

The place is two meters wide, while the average car is 1.82 meters, which means you’ll probably need a convertible to get out comfortably.

Still, if you were interested, the place is listed on Rightmove with the description: “A single allocated parking space in a small garage which is sandwiched between Rutland Gate and Ennismore Mews.”

The parking space costs £85,000. Credit: Rightmove

Don’t worry, though, because what the space lacks in size it more than makes up for in ‘key features’.

The parking space has CCTV, fob entry and a ‘water supply’ – not sure if that’s for the car or the owner – but this place has one.

The parking space also has a ‘960 year lease’ so although the initial cost is astronomical, if you plan on being immortal it will be worth it.

And it’s even close to Knightsbridge station if you decide to ditch the car altogether and start taking the tube, like a normal Londoner.

But, if after all this you still want to put yourself in a difficult situation, you probably want to follow the example of this man.

It comes with CCTV, fob entry and 'water supply'.  Credit: Rightmove
It comes with CCTV, fob entry and ‘water supply’. Credit: Rightmove
It's a 960-year lease - so ideal for vampires?  Credit: Rightmove
It’s a 960-year lease – so ideal for vampires? Credit: Rightmove

In a viral video, a New Yorker shows how even the tightest spots are achievable.

Virtually bumper-to-bumper with other cars, a New York man wasted no time in handling a situation that would scare learner drivers everywhere.

The man begins by putting on his full lock and backing up a little, then he locks the wheel on the opposite side and moves forward.

As you can imagine, it does this multiple times, with its noise sensors probably blaring in the background.

But, with a little perseverance, the car is free and people were quick to weigh in on the man’s clever parking lot.

One person wrote, “It’s not that hard once you have to do it ALL the time.”

Another said: “Skills. I thought he was just going to crush them.”

A third commented: ‘Only New Yorkers can handle this type of parking lot, other people can’t, I’ll just leave it there until they’re gone and raised in Manhattan.’