Bluff Knoll Rescue Operation | Mirage News

Gnowangerup Police, DFES State Emergency Service, St. John Ambulance and DBCA Parks and Wildlife Service Rangers successfully locate and rescue a man from a trail at Bluff Knoll on Friday evening May 21, 2021.

At approximately 7:15 p.m., police received a call from two men alerting them to an emergency. The men, older brothers in their 50s and 60s, were walking a trail when the man in his 50s had a joint crisis in his knees and hips. The man could not continue to walk.

Police advised the two to stay together where they were and emergency services were deployed.

Upon arrival at the parking lot, the police were greeted by the older of the two men. He had made it to the parking lot alone, but had fallen into the dark and had been injured in the head along the way. He received emergency first aid until the arrival of the St. John Ambulance, then was transported to hospital by the St. John Ambulance while the rescue operation for the youngest of the two men began.

The stranded man was found shortly after, about 1 km from the parking lot, and DFES state emergency service volunteers transported him on a stretcher to an ambulance. He was then taken to hospital.

Gnowangerup Police Officer Sgt Randall MOULDEN said the incident served as a reminder to hikers and others planning to tackle the nature trails to make sure they were okay. prepared.

“The trails and trails can be demanding, and even slight changes in terrain can catch people off guard and result in injury and possibly leave a hiker in need of rescue. It is important that anyone planning to hike make sure they are in good physical shape and equipped to tackle any terrain they may face. Even the best prepared person can find themselves in difficulty, so having at least access to a cell phone and a personal locator beacon is essential to alert authorities in the event of distress.

“Cell phones won’t work everywhere, so make sure you have a Plan B, like a personal locator beacon, and remember that in bad weather you might end up spending time waiting for lifeguards to arrive, so make sure you have enough water, food, and clothing to keep you going while you get stuck.

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