‘Bold action’ needed as council seeks to resolve parking problems in Wrexham

There are calls for “bold action” as Wrexham council must consider improving parking options in the city center now that coronavirus measures are relaxed.

Earlier this year, a poll launched by Wrexham MP Sarah Atherton found that 67% of respondents were unhappy with parking options in downtown Wrexham.

Of those who responded, 64 percent wanted cheaper parking options in town.

The investigation also suggested that the parking problems were causing Wrexham businesses to fail in favor of Broughton, Chester and Oswestry.

Ms Atherton sent her findings to the Wrexham Council.

Parking at Waterworld in Wrexham

Now the council has responded, saying it will use the survey results as it seeks to further improve the city’s parking supply after the lockdown emerges.

Writing to Ms Atherton, Darren Williams, Director of Environment and Technology at Wrexham Council, said: “As you know we have a mixed picture in terms of parking in Wrexham town center, with private and public car parks; certain long stays and certain short stays, etc.

“During the pandemic, Wrexham council has been careful to support local businesses and the economy with free and now ‘free after 11’ provisions currently in place.

“As we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic, we will be reviewing our long-term approach to our municipality-owned parking lot, and the information provided by your investigation will prove invaluable for these considerations. ”

Parking GV St Georges Crescent Wrexham..cc090118G..Location point.

St Georges Crescent car park, Wrexham

Ms Atherton said she hoped measures such as the “free after 11 years” program would encourage more buyers to visit.

She added that the results showed that “bold action” was needed, and she asked city council to “consider what more could be done to support our downtown”.

Sarah Atherton MP.

Sarah Atherton MP.

Ms Atherton said: ‘Council is correct that as we emerge from the pandemic it is important that we take stock of what people want for our city and I am delighted that my survey has given residents of Wrexham a chance to have their voices heard on this issue. .

“In addition, I am pleased that Council is taking into account the results of the investigation and I look forward to hearing more about their long term approach to parking in Wrexham.

“As said before, however, Council-owned parking lots are not the only source of concern and frustration for many residents of Wrexham.”

She added that she would raise questions about the management of private car parks in Parliament as it was a UK-wide issue.