Bristol’s Asda supermarket could build a ‘drive-through’ restaurant in a car park

A new takeaway service and ‘drive-through’ restaurant could be built in the car park of the Asda hypermarket in Longwell Green, if plans submitted to the local council are approved. The restaurant will accommodate seated dining, take-out and delivery, and will be open 24 hours a day.

It will be built over a section of the Barr’s Court supermarket car park, meaning there would be 41 fewer spaces for drivers. It will create 40 new jobs, according to a planning statement submitted to South Gloucestershire Council. Twenty will be full-time and 20 part-time, and they will be “suitable for a range of skills and working hours”.

The application was submitted by EG Group, which is owned by the same brothers – Mohsin Issa and Zuber Issa – who own Asda. Last year the Reported Evening Standard this healthy fast food brand Leon was launching its first restaurant with drive-thru after being acquired by the EG group.

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The restaurant was opened in West Yorkshire and the company said it was the ‘first of many’ planned drive-thru locations across the country. The planning statement also states that the restaurant will be “located on an existing retail site in an existing retail location where it is conveniently located to service customers of those facilities, passing through (or near) the site by car on the surrounding road network or employed by these companies.

It continues: “There are no suitable sites available, or likely to become available, in the nearest centers and even these would not allow a restaurant to service the same area as the proposed outlet. ” However, two local residents have already raised objections to the proposal.

Ms Claire Milner wrote a comment on the council’s planning website which read: ‘As a local resident watching the car park this 24 hour option brings the likely prospect of young people and cars congregating around this area at late hours.Asda car park has suffered a lot in the past (pre-covid) with people meeting late at night with cars for loud ‘rides’ and stunts in cars.

“It led to significant noise issues. I think the police were involved and it has the potential to bring that back. Not just in the car park but also in more cars and the restaurant at night.

“I would support this for general hours ending at 10pm, but not 24 hours a day. There is already light pollution from the parking lot in my house which means I need blackout blinds because of the flashing lights at that corner of the parking lot. This again is likely to make it worse.”

As Paul Lillis wrote: ‘I would strongly oppose this development request, the noise already coming from Asda is out of control as well as the traffic. The planning statement submitted by the EG Group states that “noise is not a significant risk and the proposed development is considered appropriate”.

You can view the planning application on the municipality’s website by clicking on here.

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