Broad Marsh Car Park is off to a slow start with 240 cars per day using a 1,200 vehicle site

Nottingham City Council says an average of 242 customers a day have used the new 1,280 space Broad Marsh car park since it opened in November.

The Labor-led authority says no new car parks will operate at full capacity when Covid has reduced the number of workers entering the city.

But since it opened on November 1, there have been 20,300 customers so far generating around £94,000 for the local authority.

The new Broad Marsh car park, open 24 hours a day, offers 1,280 parking spaces, including 81 charging stations for electric cars.


The multi-storey town center was built to accommodate the increased number of visitors to the new, redeveloped Broad Marsh shopping centre.

But in 2020, the mall’s plan fell apart when owner Intu went into administration.

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Since then, reviewers have expressed concern that the car park is underutilized and raise issues with access to the facility.

The council is optimistic that the car park can be operated, due to its proximity to the renovated Nottingham Castle and the new Nottingham College. He will watch his success in 2022.

Cllr Rosemary Healy (Laboratory), portfolio holder for motorways and transport at Nottingham City Council, said: “We are really pleased with the new car park at Broad Marsh. It is a modern, safe and secure building with state-of-the-art facilities including electric charging stations and contactless payment options which are proving popular with motorists.

“Usage figures so far are in line with our expectations and have been steadily increasing since we opened 12 weeks ago.

“During this period we have attracted over 20,300 customers – an average of around 1,700 a week – bringing in £94,000 so far. Nearly 5,500 of these customers came over the weekend.

“No new car parks will be operating at full capacity immediately and Broad Marsh has opened at a time when all providers – public and private – are affected by behavioral changes due to Covid.

“Many inner-city workers are still home-based and the emergence of the Omicron variant has reduced overall footfall.

“However, many drivers have taken advantage of our £5 all-day ticket as an introductory offer, while our Early Bird discount for those arriving before 9.30am remains popular.

“We are working with many city center organisations, including Nottingham BID, Motorpoint Arena and Nottingham Castle, to promote the use of Broad Marsh car park.

“Broad Marsh is in a prime location, close to shopping and attractions such as the castle, and we will continue to promote it widely and make further signage improvements to encourage its use, which we fully plan to increase. yet as Plan B restrictions are lifted and people are starting to return to town for work and play in greater numbers.

Concerns have been raised over access issues at the new car park after the council pedestrianized the majority of Canal Street and Collin Street.

Motorists coming from Maid Marian Way must make a detour and can access the new car park via London Road and Canal Street.

Cllr Kevin Clarke, Leader of the Independents’ Opposition on Nottingham City Council, said: ‘The problem with this car park is getting in and out of it. Some people walked in and got tickets (£60 fines) for taking the wrong way.

“We need more signage and clearer signage. Parking is a bit “time will tell”.