Calls for 20mph after speeding in Sprowston estate

11:26 am February 18, 2022

Boy racers wreak havoc on a city suburb with landlords calling for a crackdown.

County Council will inspect St Margaret’s Drive and St Marys Road in the Sprowston area where the 30mph limit would be ignored.

An application has been submitted to Sprowston City Council for a new 20mph speed limit which will be discussed at next Wednesday’s council meeting.

This 20mph request also includes a section of Church Lane between the mini-roundabout and the vehicle door.

Norfolk County Council Highways Manager Chris Alston said: ‘First and foremost, we are always urging people to report speeding violations to Norfolk Constabulary for enforcement.

Norfolk County Roads Area Manager Chris Alston. Photo: DENISE BRADLEY
– Credit: Copyright: Archant 2017

“St Margaret’s Drive and St Marys Road are effectively a cul-de-sac arrangement of estate roads, with most local traffic in the area aware of the speed restrictions in place.

“The roads themselves are relatively narrow and winding with on-street parking in place, which should, to some extent, curb vehicle speeds.”

Department of Transport regulations do not allow 30 mph speed limit signs in certain lighted areas.

But concerns have been raised about exacerbating speeding in the estate when the county council turns off streetlights at night.

Mr Alston added: ‘We will be inspecting the roads to address local concerns and verify that entry speed limit signs are in place and legible to drivers.’

Sprowston Councilor Bill Couzens said: ‘The absence of a 20mph limit on these roads seems to be a little odd, especially as street lights are switched off late at night by the county council .

“I’m sure at the time the developers claimed that they designed the roads to deter speeding. But judging from people’s comments, that’s no longer the case.”

The development has been in Sprowston for over 30 years.

Sprowston County Councilor and Town Mayor John Ward said: ‘I am not generally in favor of 20mph limits as they are really only advisory in that police will not proceed below 30 mph.

Open consultation for the public to have a say in the Viking Center at Sprowston.  John Ward, City

John Ward, Mayor of Sprowston
– Credit: Brittany Woodman/ Archant

“However, we will see what my fellow councilors have to say about this at Wednesday’s town council meeting.”