Car linked to Alabama prison escape found in tow yard

Alabama police discovered that the getaway vehicle used by a man accused of murder and the prison guard believed to have helped him escape had been in a police tow yard for a week.

Lauderdale County, Alabama Sheriff Rick Singleton told a news conference that the Ford Edge with distinctive burnt orange paint was found on the side of a road and towed the same day as Casey White, accused of murder, and former assistant director of corrections Vicky White had disappeared.

The vehicle was found in a rural area off Interstate 65, about 100 miles from the jail in Florence, Alabama.

Authorities in Williamson County, Tennessee realized they had the vehicle about a week after the manhunt began.

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland said the two, who are unrelated despite sharing a last name and who are rumored to be romantically involved, are “considered extremely dangerous “.

“[Authorities] found the car before we even knew they were gone,” Sheriff Singleton said.

Some of Ms White’s personal effects were found in the vehicle, which someone had tried to spray paint, he said.

The getaway car was found on the side of the road in the town of Bethesda, Tennessee. (Office of the United States Marshal)

The tow truck driver who transported the vehicle likely saw the media coverage of the escape and notified Tennessee police, Sheriff Singleton said, adding there was “no fault or blame on who whether it be”.

The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office said the vehicle was found in Bethesda and there was no indication the two remained in the area.

The pair likely had mechanical issues with the car and left it where it was found in a remote area, Sheriff Singleton said.

No weapon was found in the car, indicating the two are still armed, he said.

Nationwide manhunt underway

A manhunt across the United States has been ongoing since the couple disappeared on April 29.

Mr White was awaiting trial in a capital murder case and Ms White was Deputy Director of Lauderdale County Corrections.

Authorities believe she helped him plan and execute the escape.

Officials said they hoped Mr White’s height – 6’9″ and 150kg – would help in his capture.

A CCTV image: a man wearing an orange prison uniform walks down a beige hallway
Casey White was charged with murder for the murder of a woman in 2015.(Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office)

He also has identifiable white supremacist tattoos.

On the day the couple went missing, Ms White told her colleagues the inmate had to go to the courthouse for a mental health assessment.

She was escorting the inmate alone – a violation of sheriff’s office policy.

When she didn’t answer her phone or return in the afternoon, authorities realized the couple had disappeared.

Authorities eventually learned that the assessment was never scheduled and was just a charade to allow Ms. White to get Mr. White out of jail without suspicion.

The two drove off in a patrol car, which was found abandoned nearby in a car park where investigators believe Ms White had parked a getaway car.

Federal investigators believe they had been planning the escape for at least several months.

Mr White was being held in prison for capital murder during the death of Connie Ridgeway in 2015.

He confessed to the murder in 2020 while in state prison for other crimes.

He has been linked to home invasions, carjackings and has also been involved in a police chase.

Ms White sold her house a month ago and was due to retire on April 29, the day she and Mr White disappeared.