City council approves variation for micro brewery and art gallery

On Tuesday, Steinbach city council approved a parking gap for a brand new micro-brewery and art gallery.

Stephanie Klassen is the COO of The Public Brewhouse and Gallery. She and three business partners hope to open the facility at 301 Main Street, right next to the old SCU building.

“The craft beer we produce will only be available for sale on site. We have the tasting room where people can come for a pint and there will be rotating exhibitions featuring contemporary rural artists in the taproom.

In order to open this facility, Klassen said they needed to get a gap from city council.

“We only have five parking spaces there, but the bylaws said we needed 11 spaces, so we were just asking permission to have a few less. Since we operate in the evening when all the businesses around us are not open, the board was in total agreement, I think I even heard a “very favorable” from one of the advisers.

According to Klassen, their owner, Steinbach Credit Union Limited has agreed to allow customers of The Public to use part of their parking lot during off-peak hours. She notes that they also consulted with a traffic engineer to make sure they would not disrupt any other business by having only 5 dedicated booths.

Additionally, Klassen argued that the public brewery and gallery would be good for the city center.

“We want to create a space for conversation and culture that is welcoming and inviting. Our business will revitalize one of the oldest buildings on the block, our patio will beautify a vacant lot, our gallery will contribute to the bustling street life the city wants to see.

Councilor Michael Zwaagstra moved to approve the amendment.

“There is a precedent in the city center because we want to be flexible and we want to see the city center have new businesses and new activities. In this case here, I’m comfortable saying they can get by with the five parking spots. “

Councilor Jac Siemens and Earl Funk also spoke in favor of the plan. Funk says this type of business should contribute to a vibrant downtown.

“When we look at Steinbach, our vision is that the city center is lively all day, from early morning to late at night and having businesses that will be open at different times will therefore do so when people cannot come and enjoy a drink. and meet. It will be a real draw for our downtown area and I think it will be a good choice. “

The Council unanimously approved the waiver.

As he left the council chamber, Klassen let out a small cheer and a fist pump. She notes that they hope to be open by the end of the summer, but nothing is set in stone yet.