City signs naming rights deal for Runestone Center

The action was taken at the regular council meeting on Monday, November 23.

Under the resolution, a Minnesota-based company called Front Burner Sports and Entertainment will help the city assess, solicit and evaluate proposals and negotiate naming rights agreements with third parties and additional sponsorship agreements for the Runestone Community. Center.

Naming rights are a financial transaction and a form of publicity or commemoration where a company, person, or other entity purchases the right to name a facility, object, place, program, or event, usually for a period of time. defined time.

City administrator Marty Schultz said Front Burner Sports’ efforts will complement the fundraising campaign and provide as much income as possible to support the centre’s expansion project.

Front Burner Sports’ proposal is a two-phase project. The first phase involves, in part, the development of solicitation documents to present to potential naming rights partners and other potential installation partners.

The second phase is to successfully find a naming rights partner for the city and work with the city to execute the contracts and oversee the installation and activation of the assets.

Under the deal with Front Burner Sports, Schultz said the city would pay $ 3,000 per month for the first two months. For the remainder of the deal through December 31, 2022, the cost will be $ 3,000 per month plus a 12.5% ​​commission on the lifetime value of referral programs sold.

City Council also approved a resolution authorizing a tender for ALP Utilities’ 2022 underground distribution project.

Josh Waldorf, director of electrical distribution for ALP, said bids for materials will open on December 14 and that the ALP Utilities board will make its approval decision at its December 20 meeting. If the offers are approved, Waldorf will ask city council to approve the material offer on Dec. 27.

The estimated bid for the hardware is $ 973,000, he said.

Bids for construction will open on February 15, 2022, with ALP’s board making its approval decision at its February 21, 2022 meeting. If the bids are approved, Waldorf will attend the city council meeting on February 21, 2022. February 28 asking council to approve the construction offer.

The estimated bid for the construction is $ 1.1 million, he said.

The areas included in the project are the West Circuit Main Line and the 3M Main Line, Waldorf said.

City Council also approved a seasonal parking restriction to come into effect on Runestone Avenue between Runestone Place and Viking Place.

The area is the site of a recent extension and the new road is relatively narrow, said city engineer Tim Schoonhoven.

Schoonhoven added that there is no need for on-street parking in the area, as a new apartment building has adequate parking spaces.

The parking restriction is expected to come into effect from November 1 to April 1.

“No parking” signs will be installed on both sides of the street in the affected area, Schoonhoven said.

Monday was the last city council meeting for James Feist as executive director of Explore Alexandria Tourism, as he moved to Oregon.

Feist appeared at the meeting via Zoom and introduced Joe Korkowski as the organization’s new executive director.