Completion of the new park and ride in Winchester

ENTREPRENEURS appear to have completed the controversial new multi-storey parking lot in Winchester.

The old Vaultex site on Barfield Close has been transformed into a 15-meter-high, three-level car park for 287 cars.

The opening date is unclear as the developer, City Council, is not available to comment on the Christmas holidays.

The planning permission was initially granted last April before a legal challenge from residents living on Chemin Domum near the Vaultex site. This could void the planning approval, but city council revised the project, reducing its size from 300 spaces to 287, and submitted a second approved application in October, despite around 100 objections. Judicial review on the High Street is only for the first request.

Multi-storey car park completed at Bar End

Park and ride on the outskirts of town is a key part of the Winchester movement strategy. There are park and ride lots in the southwest and southeast of the city, but none currently in the north. CALA Homes is to provide a small site as part of the Kings Barton development and city and county councils are also considering part of the Sir John Moore Barracks in Littleton. The Defense Ministry recently announced a postponement of its departure from the site, with a new date of 2026.

Cllr Martin Tod, Cabinet Member for Economic Recovery, told the planning committee in October that the new parking lot would help reduce traffic in the city center and create opportunities for improvements for cyclists and pedestrians.

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