Corp. challenges collection of parking fees in approved spaces | News Thiruvananthapuram

Thiruvananthapuram: The collection of parking fees in compulsory spaces according to the construction plan in commercial establishments and private buildings has again become a bone of contention between the municipal company and the commercial complexes.
The company is processing a file filed by a shopping center concerning the collection of parking fees. The mall also applied for a license to collect parking fees.
The civic organization refused the authorization to private establishments to collect parking fees in the spaces reserved obligatorily for parking according to the approved construction plan.
Permits are only issued for parking spaces other than those authorized. The company secretary on Thursday issued a directive citing the illegality of charging fees for vehicles parked in an approved parking area in accordance with building regulations.
According to the directive, shopping centers and commercial buildings should have compulsory parking. The collection of fees is illegal. The parking area should be retained as part of additional facilities. If there is an additional parking area, a permit must be obtained from the municipality and the permit must be displayed in the parking lot, according to the directive.
The directive revived the old debate on the issue. In 2014, the company’s revenue wing took action against the collection of parking fees at private theaters in the city. However, the civic body found itself in difficulty over the legality of the case. The company stopped collecting parking fees citing building regulations.
Actually section 34 of the Kerala Municipality building. The regulations make no mention of parking fees. The role of the local body is limited to ensuring that there is sufficient parking space. He’s not saying parking should be free. Even in the Kerala Municipality Act (KMA), no standard is set out specifically for parking charges.
Another section 475 (KMA) deals with the license for private cart stands, which includes the provision of parking spaces for taxis, cars and in places like markets and open spaces and the license can be issued by charging tariffs of up to Rs 3,000.
The legal advisor had advised the company against intervening in the collection of parking fees by theaters and private hospitals. Later, the Kerala State Film Development Corporation (KSFDC) sent a letter to the municipality expressing its willingness to make an annual payment of Rs 3,000 for the collection of parking fees.
Even in the assembly, the current KJV minister and the former KJV ministers seemed vague about this. Recently, MV Govindan Master said that the government was not aware of the collection of parking fees in shopping malls. He also said that there was no provision to collect parking fees in areas allocated for parking in accordance with building regulations.
Former LSG minister KT Jaleel told the assembly that the building rules do not contain any provision requiring free parking in shopping malls and the rules only call for mandatory parking spaces.