Councils rake in £255million a year in parking fines and these councils make the most of it

Authorities issue the equivalent of 10 tickets per minute, with some councils earning over £30m each from the drivers

Councils across the UK earned more than £255million from parking fines last year, with authorities issuing the equivalent of 10 tickets per minute.

One authority alone earned more than £32million from parking tickets in 2021, as councils across the country handed out 5.2million Penalty Notices (PCNs) for parking violations.

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Drivers caught at Westminster in London were charged the most, with the authority earning £32.3million, an increase of £6.2million on the previous year.

The figures show, overall, the number and values ​​of parking fines jumped in 2021, with councils issuing an additional 400,000 PCNs and revenue increasing by £20million compared to 2020.

Municipalities issued the equivalent of 10 tickets per minute in 2021

While Westminster Council made the most money from parking fees, Manchester imposed the most penalties, issuing 341,000 tickets and pushing Westminster into second place.

However, Manchester made less than half of Westminster’s revenue and the £15.3m generated by PCNs put them third behind Kensington and Chelsea (£16.6m) in the stakes. of income.

Unsurprisingly, authorities in London topped the lists of councils imposing the most fines and making the most money.

Six of the 10 councils that issued the most banknotes were in the capital, handing out between 125,000 and 274,000 each. With parking fines in London of up to £130, this represented more than half (56%) of the value of all tickets issued in 2021 and four of the five highest earning councils were also in the city. Behind Manchester, Islington (£13.7m) and Richmond upon Thames (£9.4m) round out the top five earning councils.

Other cities where drivers were most likely to be hit with a PCN include Nottingham, Brighton & Hove and Winchester, which alone handed out 411,000 parking violation tickets.

Data obtained from councils by insurer Churchill also revealed that the majority of authorities introduced new parking regulations in 2021. Overall, 63% of councils increased the number of roads with parking restrictions and 29 % have also introduced new parking permit checks for residents in 2021. A total of 80,200 roads across Britain now have some level of restriction in place, 1,200 more than in 2020 .

Nicholas Mantel, head of Churchill Motor Insurance, said: “Parking is one of the most stressful parts of driving, especially for families, who are often pressed for time and don’t want their car to be too far from their final destination.

“It is becoming increasingly difficult for motorists in towns and villages across Britain to find parking spaces, particularly free, as local authorities seek to ease congestion and put in place ever more checks.

“The last thing drivers need is to come back to a fine, so it’s essential to check parking signs before leaving your car.”