Defenders of Sue Mountain View, calling its ban on motorhome parking “inhumane”

The City of Mountain View prohibits the parking of oversized vehicles on streets 40 feet wide and under, which is the case on more than 80% of city streets. According to a report from Mountain View Voice, the restriction was touted as a road safety measure, but advocates on both sides have openly acknowledged that it is a way to reduce the number of residents of vehicles without- shelter in the area.

On July 14, a group of civil rights organizations filed a complaint against the city for the ordinance, calling it unconstitutional and inhumane. Michael Trujillo, attorney for the Law Foundation of Silicon Valley, one of the organizations behind the lawsuit, and Yesica Prado, a photojournalist who documented the lives of vehicle residents for the San Francisco public press and who lives in his motorhome, have put the ordinance in the regional context and explain what the trial consists of.

A spokesperson for the City of Mountain View declined an interview and referred to an earlier statement that oversized vehicles parked on a narrow street can encroach on the traffic lane, which can increase the risk of collision and make more difficult for emergency vehicles to navigate the street safely. The statement also said the city will continue to carry out multi-faceted awareness raising actions and provide information on the resources available to people living in vehicles.

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