Demolition of a parking lot; Three companies forced to move

Chinese Dragon will be the only company that will not move as the owners retire.

The plans for the building space begin with the demolition of the building, then a parking lot would go where the building is located.

About a week ago today, Emily Ekstrom, owner of Hucklebeary, was told her business is expected to relocate by the end of this winter. She says, “It’s hard for a small business to determine what the next step is. “

Emily gave us an overview of the owners’ decision saying, “In my opinion, the owners of this building are deciding, ‘let’s tear it down, we’re not making money on it and let’s think about our next steps.’

She also knew in advance that the space would not be available for her business forever. Ekstrom said, “The original plans for this building were to build a hotel on top of where it stands. And I think with the upper street construction and the pandemic things had to stop for everyone. Things had to change.

But she reinforced the plans for the parking lot. “They don’t plan to build right away. So the plans they announced to us is that it will just be a parking lot for a while, ”she said.

A parking lot taking up the space where the three businesses grew up as a family. The three companies have become very close over the years. Emily says, “It’s really sad because I have become so close to my neighbors. We really are a community.”

And after the group’s live Instagram live that informed clients of the news, Emily says she saw the support come in. We really feel supported. “