Dorset Council’s decision to scrap parking scratch cards in Weymouth is described as ‘a joke and shambolic’

DORSET Council has come under fire for scrapping parking scratch cards and visitor parking permits over the summer.

As noted, Dorset Council’s decision to introduce new parking regulations means hotels and guesthouse owners will no longer be able to apply for annual permits or buy scratch off parking passes for their guests.

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Royal Court car park

John Phipps, 72, who lives in Dudley in the West Midlands, said he was planning to visit Weymouth from July 23-30 but considered going to the resort after describing the situation of parking for vacationers in the area as “a shambles”.

Mr Phipps said: “In previous years I was able to apply for parking permits but I was able to do so this year.

“There are 14 of us in total and we hope to stay along Weymouth Harbour.”

Dorset Echo: Pavilion car parkPavilion car park

Previously car parks such as the Pavilion, Swannery and Royal Yard were part of the scratch card system.

During the summer it is expected to cost visitors £10 for 24 hour parking across Weymouth.

‘Dorset council directed me to the pavilion car park which will cost £10 a day,’ Mr Phipps said.

“We will have four cars and that will add hundreds of pounds to our trip. It discourages me from coming and I am seriously considering visiting somewhere else.

“Weymouth is a tourist town. We won’t be returning unless the situation changes. It will be a nightmare and it’s a joke. Truly a chaotic decision by Dorset Council.”

Echo of Dorset:

Dorset Council’s Ray Bryan said the privilege is not enjoyed by other towns in Dorset and the authority will stand by its decision, although it will monitor the effect of the changes.

He said it had been decided that all discount parking for visitors and tourists in Dorset should be removed so that affordable permits could be introduced to support people who live and work in Dorset.

A spokeswoman for Dorset Council said: “There is no review date as far as I know in relation to decisions taken by councilors on permits.

“As this is the first summer of new parking fees and parking permits for short-stay/flex-stay residents, we’ll likely monitor how it goes, but I don’t know of any review dates.”