Driver fined £1,000 for common driving error

A DRIVER has been slapped with a £1,000 fine after parking in zigzag lines and contesting the ticket in court.

The motorist appeared in Warrington Magistrates’ Court earlier this week after angrily objecting to the fixed fine notice issued in December.


The driver received the fine after parking on the white linesCredit: Alamy

Lymm Police officers issued the fine after the car was parked on the zigzag lines, which is a traffic violation.

The disgruntled driver disputed the ticket but lost his appeal and was handed a hefty £1,026 fine.

A Lymm Police spokesperson said: ‘A driver was fined a lump sum fine for unnecessary obstruction where the vehicle was parked on the Lymm Dam curbs on Sunday December 12.

“The driver disputed the ticket and the case was heard by Warrington Magistrates on Monday April 25.

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“A guilty verdict has been entered resulting in a total fine of £1,026.”

White zigzag lines painted on UK roads show an entrance and exit to a pedestrian crossing, and drivers are not allowed to park on them or overtake when approaching the level crossing.

The yellow zigzag lines have the same rules, found outside schools, hospitals, police and fire stations.

Their purpose is to provide pedestrians, children and staff with a clear and unobstructed view of the road ahead.

A sign must be in place near the yellow lines detailing the restriction or restriction times, but without the fine they are not legally enforceable.

White lines do not need a sign to be enforced and are classed as a double enforcement restriction meaning both police and council can impose penalties for breaking the rules.

A police fine also results in penalty points, with fines for yellow zigzag lines being issued by the local council and enforced as a civil matter.

Motorists are authorized to park on the yellow zigzags outside the times indicated on the sign.

PCN fines for parking on zigzag white lines are usually around £70, reduced by 50% if paid within the time stated on the ticket.

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A fixed police fine for the offense will be £100 plus three points on the driving licence.

If payment is refused, the case is likely to be taken to court or a driver training course is offered.