Driving fine: Local council imposes £4million in parking fines on motorists in one year

Birmingham City Council earned £4,056,130 from parking tickets in the 2021-22 financial year, according to the latest figures. The data was obtained through a freedom of information request to the authority.

According to the figures, parking attendants issued 121,577 penalty notices.

And that included times when Covid lockdowns were in full swing and fewer cars were on the road.

The request also revealed some of Birmingham’s parking hotspots.

Surprisingly, it was not the city center that won first place, BirminghamLive reported.

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The news comes after another search found that UK motorists received 10 parking fines every minute last year.

The overall value of fines has increased throughout 2021, with a total of £254.9million imposed on drivers, an increase of 6% on 2020 when £234.6million in fines were been inflicted.

Last year, more than 5.2million Penalty Notices (PCNs) were issued for parking violations across Britain.

This equates to an increase of 400,000 (eight percent) from 2020, when 4.8 million were issued.

The rise in PCNs issued across Britain comes as local councils increase the number of roads that have parking restrictions in place.

Overall, 63% of councils have increased the number of roads with parking restrictions meaning 80,200 roads across Britain now have some level of restriction in place, 1,200 more than in 2020.

The research, carried out by Churchill Motor Insurance, also found that Manchester issued the highest number of PCNs in 2021, handing out 341,000 tickets at a rate of nearly a thousand a day.

Meanwhile, in London, nearly two million PCNs were issued last year, meaning the capital accounted for more than a third (37%) of all PCNs in 2021.

Next come the South East (18%), the North West (13%) and the East Midlands (7%).

The average value of PCNs distributed in London in 2021 was £74.37, 53% higher than the UK average of £43.63.