Emmerdale Fans Recognize Leyla’s Drug Dealer

Emmerdale fans were surprised to see a famous face from another soap opera appear on Friday’s episode.

In the latest episode, Leyla Cavanagh’s drug addiction took a serious turn, as she desperately scrambled to buy cocaine. Leyla was seen driving to the countryside to meet a man selling cocaine.

However, viewers were distracted by recognizing the dealer from a different show. Taking to Twitter, viewers noted the role was played by Parry Glasspool, who played Harry Thompson on Hollyoaks between February 2015 and July 2019, reports the mirror.

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One fan said: “Was this drug dealer out of #Hollyoaks, does he look familiar?” Another added: “Interesting to see Parry Glasspool at the start of tonight’s #Emmerdale – he hasn’t changed much since playing Harry in #hollyoaks!”

A third tweeted: “Oh hello this is Harry from Hollyoaks. #Emmerdale.” A fourth said: “Leyla is looking to make a purchase from Harry off Hollyoaks #Emmerdale.”

And a fifth said: “Harry from Hollyoaks is now an #Emmerdale dealer.” When Liam asked to borrow the car, she refused and was forced to drive him to work instead. Leyla got distracted in the car and she and Liam ended up bumping into the back of an off-duty police officer, forcing her off drugs.

She therefore quickly had to return to the Jason dealer for other medications. He said, “Are you selling my stuff? Do you buy stuff from me and then resell it to other people?

“Am I your temporary solution while you’re between wholesalers? Because you don’t look like someone who goes through three grams in a few hours. Don’t sell to my customers, or you’ll put me in a bad mood . And I’m not as fun when I’m in a bad mood.”

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