FAAN automates freight terminal at Lagos airport

The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria has announced the automation of the Hajj / Cargo terminal at Lagos Airport.

He announced it in a statement entitled “FAAN to launch Hajj / Cargo Terminal Park automation”.

According to FAAN, terminal users wishing to go to the terminal’s designated parking lots should enter through the newly constructed automated gate.

“The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria is informing the general public that the parking process at the Hajj / Cargo terminal at Murtala Muhammed Airport in Lagos has been automated,” he said.

He also noted that in preparation for Go Live, which was scheduled for Monday, July 5, the authority had deployed a modern parking solution with a separate entry and exit door.

Terminal users wishing to travel to designated terminal parking lots will now have to enter through the newly constructed automated gate, from where their vehicle details will be entered electronically on the parking tickets issued to them.

FAAN said, “Terminal users will take the tickets to one of the three designated payment points for payment whenever they are ready to leave the terminal.

“After paying the parking fee, they can now get out of the parking lot and out.

“To ensure the transparent facilitation of the process, the authority has placed the necessary signage in strategic places to guide and orient the users of the terminal.”

He also said that FAAN was committed to its core values ​​of safety, security and comfort.

“We take this opportunity to call on terminal users to comply with this new change in the interest of safety and security,” he added.

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