Furious row breaks out as Scottish restaurant and disabled driver argue over parking rules

A FURIOUS parking line broke out in a Scottish pub after a disabled driver was blocked by staff in their car park.

The dispute began after the motorist left a review of The Bank restaurant in Dumfries on Facebook.


The row was sparked by a parking problem at The Bank in DumfriesCredit: FACEBOOK
The driver shared photos of his car being blocked by a member of staff


The driver shared photos of his car being blocked by a member of staffCredit: FACEBOOK
But the bank owner hit back with footage showing his car parked in front of clear signage


But the bank owner hit back with footage showing his car parked in front of clear signageCredit: FACEBOOK

Michael Turner visited the popular pub over the weekend and insisted he had a ‘lovely experience’.

But things turned sour when he left his car in the parking lot overnight.

Michael, who uses a wheelchair, parked his car in the restaurant staff parking lot and, after deciding to drink alcohol, left it in the space until the next day.

When his friend picked him up the next morning, they found his car was blocked by another driver.

The driver called the bank to explain the situation – saying he had never seen any signage in the car park indicating it was a staff area – and asked if they could move the car .

But the restaurant owner quickly pointed out his mistake before informing him that the staff were too busy to move the car until much later.

Michael was frustrated with the ‘attitude’ of the bar owner – who claimed staff had told him about the parking situation the night before.

He said the staff had the wrong person the night before and he was unaware of the possible consequences of leaving his car in the staff parking lot in the morning.

He shared his experience on social media, adding his photos of the parked car that cut out the signage.

But the Bank hit back – sharing its own images of the situation and adding that there are ‘two sides to every story’ and that people ‘shouldn’t be quick to judge’.

Michael wrote: “I was at The Bank last night with friends and we had a great time, the meal was good, the waiters were lovely, but unknown to me I had no idea when I parked my car in The Bank car park it was only for Staff.

“There are signs that say this is a staff car park, however, I didn’t notice it when I parked my car as it was dark and at night.

“When the restaurant used to be an RBS bank, I knew it had ‘previously’ a disabled parking space and thought it would still be in place.”

He added: “I asked a friend to collect it for me today as having been drinking the night before I didn’t want to risk driving, plus I couldn’t get up the steep hill to pick up my car myself.

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“My friend picked up my car keys then got dropped off at the bank to pick up my car. They phoned me to say my car had been blocked by another car.

“I phoned the bank to find out if the car blocking my car was a member of staff and if so they would kindly move it for my friend to collect my car for me.”

The message continued: “They stipulated that this was a staff car park and that they were not going to require the member of staff to move his car while he was working.

“They went on to say the staff member was finishing at 0100 if I wanted to pick up my car then.

“The person on the phone then started to rant at me saying they spoke to me last night, telling me to get my car out of the parking lot at 10:00 p.m.

“I responded politely and said no one had spoken to me last night about the problem with my car or moving it from the parking lot.

“They somewhat acknowledged that they hadn’t spoken to me. However, it still didn’t make a difference as they still didn’t ask the staff member to move their car and wouldn’t give me an answer final when they would get the staff member to move their car.

“Before the call ended I asked who I was talking to and they gave their name who I now believe is ‘the owner’ who I don’t know or have never dealt with before. .

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“I will not return to give my money to someone who does not know how to respect his customers or who knows how to be polite and who prefers to be derogatory.

“I thought the person may have just had a bad day, but after reading in a previous review, this isn’t the first time they’ve deliberately blocked a customer’s car.”

The bank owner responded to the complaint, saying Michael had painted an “unfair and incorrect” picture of events and refuted the claim that he had been treated badly on the phone.

They said: “I’m so sorry your friend couldn’t move your car yesterday afternoon, but the picture you paint of the situation is quite unfair and incorrect.

“There are many factors that you failed to include. The car park is for staff only and as such is very well signposted.

“The photos you have attached appear to have been taken at a deliberate angle to avoid showing how clear the signage is.

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“Also, if we had been informed on Friday evening when you parked your car (or when you made the decision to leave it) that it was there, we could have explained that it had to be moved in the morning before the arrival of staff (that’s what I was trying to explain to you on the phone but you had none of it).

“You also didn’t display a disabled sticker on the vehicle, so how can we make exceptions to our rules based on information we don’t know about?

“Staff are allocated parking and stay in the building for very long periods on Saturdays.

“As I explained to you on the phone when you rang yesterday, we are exceptionally busy all day and I told you I would ask the member of staff to move his car at the first available opportunity.

“You didn’t encounter any hostility or derogatory behavior, and I’m sorry if that’s what you think, you were given an explanation that didn’t sit well with you, so you chose to put a different spin on things. .

“As I said, at the time you called it was not possible to move it, however, the car in question was not blocking you on purpose, the person had gone to work and parked their car in the parking lot where space was available.

“I’ve also attached some photos, because there are two sides to every story and maybe people shouldn’t be so quick to judge based on just one side.”

Social media users are divided over the parking dispute.

Some expressed disgust at the Bank’s handling of the situation and their attitude towards the parking problem – but others believe it was the fault of the driver.

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One user commented, “That’s shocking! It would have taken 2 minutes to move and let your friend get out of your car, after explaining the situation and she still hasn’t moved it, there’s no excuse for the attitude and actions of the “owners” towards you.”

Another added: “Absolutely shocking response!! I have to say I’m not very dignified and don’t justify it at all. I’ve never been to this place if that’s how they treat people, especially people with disabilities, I won’t be there.”

A third wrote: ‘Talk about making it worse. Seems so mean not letting the staff member out after pointing out the customers mistake. Good luck with future business after this debacle.’

Others pointed out that it was Michael’s mistake to park in the wrong place.

One person said: ‘To be fair to the bank, he parked directly in front of the staff parking sign.

Someone else posted: “The owner has made it clear that this car park is for staff only and has done his best to put up signs to show this. There are 2 large car parks in front of the bank with plenty of space for disabled (not many staff places though) if you break the rules for 1 guest the others would expect the same.

“My daughter finds it difficult to park every day as spaces are limited for staff. I know how busy staff can be on weekends so it wouldn’t be easy to get out and move cars around. “

Another added: ‘If you came to your staff parking lot and someone was in your space would you block it off? I know I would.’

The Bank declined to comment further when approached by The Scottish Sun.

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