Glasgow planners reject offer to turn Finneston flats into short-term holiday rentals

Glasgow planners reject offer to turn Finneston flats into short-term holiday rentals

A bid to turn 42 residential flats in Finnieston into short-term holiday rentals has been rejected by Glasgow City Council Planning Commission.

A request to use the properties as short term serviced apartments at Minerva Way was described as “appalling” with councilors saying the proposal was not suited to the area.

About 100 letters from objection were submitted to council by residents who were not informed prior to purchasing their property, a contract between the developer and Sondar had already been signed.

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They said that despite there being no legal requirement to disclose this information, many residents would not have completed their purchase had they been told of the plans.

Concerns have also been raised that short-term rentals will turn into ‘party flats’ for tourists and not be appropriate for this residential area of ​​Finnieston. The issue was discussed at the planning meeting this morning.

SNP councilor Eva Bollandar said: ‘I am quite appalled at the lengths the claimant has gone to to make this acceptable.

“There are a lot of very good reasons for it to be denied and I fully support that position.”

Baillie Josphine Docherty added: “Finnieston is different from its surroundings and I think it would be a shame to have far too many flats and houses to rent or rent to passers-by who really don’t care or have no real identity of the region.

“I would like to see some slowdown in houses for rent or for rent and keep the tradition of Finnieston separate from the surrounding area.

The members unanimously agreed to reject the application based on the advice and information presented to them by the officers of the council.

After the meeting Councilor Christy Mearns said: ‘We don’t need a precedent for this and I’m glad short stay isn’t being supported here in favor of much needed accommodation. A victory for the community who engaged in the planning process to make their voices heard.

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Glasgow hours:

Glasgow hours:

Councilor Angus Millar said after the meeting that the committee had made the right decision and that the news would bring relief to residents who opposed the plans.

He said: “This development has always been unsuitable for short-term rentals, with aparthotel style use clearly impacting neighboring residents within the development.

“Short-term rentals would have relied on permanent resident common areas (including bins, parking and waiting for access) and although the security offered on site until 1 a.m. was apparently a effort to reassure residents, this only underlined the extent to which these proposals would have fundamentally changed the character of this residential complex.

“Ultimately, this proposal should never have gone this far – Sonder was told early on that their plans were unlikely to be compatible with town planning policy, and only council enforcement action allowed them. have made people accept the need to even engage in the planning process.

“And it is totally unacceptable that residents were only told of these ill-thought-out plans after they had bought and moved into their new homes – despite evidence that Sonder had been in talks to take over the apartments long before that.

“We need homes to help build communities in areas like Finnieston, not party flats for tourists, and I’m glad today’s decision confirms the importance of protecting our housing supply. new for residential use.”