Governor Lamont announces Connecticut Department of Transportation and City of New Haven sign Union Station partnership agreement

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Governor Lamont announces Connecticut Department of Transportation and City of New Haven sign Union Station partnership agreement

(NEW HAVEN, CT) – Governor Ned Lamont, Mayor Justin Elicker, United States Representative Rosa DeLauro, Connecticut Transportation Commissioner Joseph Giulietti, State Representative and Transportation President Roland Lemar, Alder Carmen Rodriguez, Park New Haven representatives and other officials met today in New Haven Union Station to sign a new lease establishing a partnership agreement intended to usher in a new era in the management of New Haven’s two train stations held by the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT).

The terms of the partnership, recently approved by the New Haven board of directors, include operations at New Haven’s Union and State Street stations, capital improvements to the Union Station campus, and other planned improvements to the neighborhood of New Haven. the train station.

The signing takes place one year after the centenary celebration from the station. It was designed by famous American architect Cass Gilbert, opened on April 5, 1920, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. With its ornate ceilings, elegant chandeliers, large clock hanging from the ceiling, long oak benches and waiting room with high arched windows, the station is considered an architectural gem. Architect Cass Gilbert also designed the United States Supreme Court building, several state capital buildings, public libraries and museums, as well as the famous Woolworth Building in Manhattan.

Governor Lamont and other officials praised the hard work and dedication of transit workers on the frontline and behind the scenes as Connecticut passes through the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The New Haven Union Station Partnership establishes a new 35-year lease and finance agreement between CTDOT and the City of New Haven. The lease includes two 10-year extension options that will allow the city (through Park New Haven) to lease and operate the Union Station transportation campus. Plans include renovating the basement and first two floors of the station to allow new retail options and additional amenities for commuters, improved vertical access (stairs, elevators and escalators) to allow future adaptive reuse of the upper floors of the station and the enlargement of the public toilets. In addition, the surface lots on the Union Station campus will be redeveloped through a public-private partnership, including the construction of a new intermodal space for cycling, transit and additional parking in the form of a 600-space parking garage. The agreement establishes an executive oversight committee made up of the mayor of New Haven and commissioner CTDOT, responsible for strategic planning, direction of the annual budget, resolution of major issues and redevelopment of the station campus.

“Union Station has been a vital passenger hub for a century, and it remains one of the most magnificent stations in the country,” Governor Lamont said. “This partnership agreement between the City of New Haven and the Connecticut Department of Transportation positions the station to be both preserved and modernized to meet the city’s and state’s transportation needs for the 21st century and beyond.

“Today, I want to invite everyone to take a step back and marvel at the history and beauty of this resort”, Mayor Elicker said. “Then take a minute to recognize the importance of Union Station to the well-being of our community and the fact that this century-old station serves as a transportation hub and a vital link to the towns and villages of our country. With housing units under development and a growing Bioscience Center of Excellence, we will continue to move forward with inclusive growth in the downtown Hill District and now have a robust transportation system, including a strong regional airport, to support it. . “

“All parties to this partnership recognize the importance of a transportation hub like Union Station to New Haven and the State of Connecticut,” Connecticut Transportation Commissioner Joe Giulietti said. “A train station connects us and allows us to move forward. For the past 100 years, Union Station has been a familiar and welcoming hub where literally millions of people have taken trips and returned home. The agreement signed today ensures that it will continue to be a centerpiece of transportation infrastructure in Connecticut and evolve to meet our state’s future transportation needs. “

“Union Station holds a special place in my life, and it’s encouraging to see federal, state and local stakeholders working together to both preserve it and help it evolve as a transportation hub,” MP DeLauro said. “During my childhood in Wooster Square, I walked through the great hall of the station daily on my way to school at Lauralton Hall. I remember loving the model trains on the long benches during my stint, and still do on each of the countless times I’ve crossed to get to DC and back in the past 30 years. My thanks to all of the workers who kept Union Station running during the worst of the pandemic and continue to do so every day. “

Union Station connects the New Haven Line to New York, the Hartford Line north to Hartford and Springfield, and Shoreline East, which runs east to New London. It is also one of the primary links in the Northeast Amtrak Corridor, from Boston to Washington and points beyond.

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