Grimsby ‘pirate’ car park strikes again as woman waits to pick up ‘sick girl’ hit with £ 100 fine

A woman from Grimsby is furious at a parking fine she received for standing in a local parking lot for only twenty minutes.

Anne Arnold, 78, of Carr Lane was waiting to pick someone up from the Osborne Street parking lot, Grimsby in July, but saw no way to pay.

The following month Anne received an invoice from the company which runs the site for £ 100 after saying she had not paid for parking.

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However, she claims that there was nowhere to pay and there was no sign telling you how, therefore, she shouldn’t have to pay the amount.

After an unsuccessful appeal, Anne maintains that she will not pay the fine and intends to fight to the end.

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She said: “In July, I was sitting in the abandoned parking lot waiting to pick up my sick granddaughter.

“There was no machine to pay and there was no sign of where or how I should pay.

“There was a sign on one of the walls, but everything had been rubbed with black paint on the writing, so I didn’t know what it was saying.”

‘Pay Here’ signs have no physical payment underneath and in the past people say they were unable to pay by other means, such as through a smartphone.

Anne did not pay during her stay and the following month received an invoice from Highview Parking asking her for £ 100.

Anne said the only sign she could see was black paint all over the place

She ignored this letter and then received another, which is when she appealed against the charge.

Anne said: “They responded by saying that the appeal was rejected, but without explaining why.

“I was asked to pay the amount again, but I still won’t because I don’t think it’s very fair.

“I’m a little afraid now that they’ll send the debt collectors or take me to court.

Victoria Street in Grimsby

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“I’ve seen others complain about the parking lot too.

“They say there is weeds everywhere, rubbish strewn all over the parking lot and the bays are not demarcated properly at all.

Osborne Street parking lot, Grimsby where Anne said there was "nowhere to pay"
Osborne Street car park, Grimsby where Anne said there was “nowhere to pay”

“I feel bad about everything, I worked my whole life and just waited for a sick girl in a run down parking lot and got fined.

“I will appeal the situation as much as possible and I will not pay the parking fine, that’s for sure.”

This is the same car park highlighted by GrimsbyLive in the summer of 2020.

We visited the parking lot ourselves after receiving over 100 one star reviews online due to ongoing issues with people not being able to pay to park there and then receive penalty notices.

The payment machine was down and the other suggested payment methods also caused problems.

Critics said the company harassed people they fined for several years, with one even calling them “outright hackers” for the repeated harassment they faced.

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Highview Parking, owner of the parking lot, has been contacted for comment, but has not responded to previous articles.

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