Guyana: Two men found dead in hotel parking lot – Jamaica Observer

The bodies of the two men were found in a hotel parking lot (Photo courtesy of NEWS Source)

GEORGETOWN, Guyana (CMC) – Police in Guyana have confirmed that the bodies of two men, including an American Airlines flight attendant, were found in a car parked at the capital‘s Marriott Hotel early Saturday morning.

Authorities said they have opened an investigation into the deaths of Ritchie Hansraj, 25, and flight attendant Justin Teixeira, noting that although there were no visible marks of abuse on either other of the bodies, they found a substance believed to be narcotics inside. the vehicle.

Crime boss Wendell Blanhum told local online publication, News Room, that a plastic container containing a white hard substance had been found and that investigators are still awaiting the forensic team’s report to confirm whether the white substance is indeed a narcotic.

The crime boss said the Facebook accounts of the two young men were being reviewed by investigators, noting that “their last posts about eight to 15 hours before their deaths appeared to have some investigative value.”

Hansraj’s last Facebook post said, “I hope the world finds peace today. I love you all,” while Teixeira wrote on her page, “Life is like a coin. You can spend it however you want, but you only spend it once”.