Half of Ukrainian children have been displaced since the start of the Russian invasion, according to UNICEF

View of Mariupol from video obtained by CNN. (from telegram)

New videos from Mariupol show the desolate Ukrainian city under siege, with streets deserted and filled with debris, cars blown out and buildings destroyed.

CNN has geotagged and verified the authenticity of two videos, filmed from a car that was shot at, uploaded to social media on Tuesday.

The first video, which was filmed from a moving car, begins with an exploded Mariupol police vehicle appearing as drivers head south on Builders Avenue in the western area of ​​Mariupol.

The street is littered with dirt, debris, and splintered wood, except for a small strip down the center of the road. Sporadic gunshots are heard in the video.

In front of the car, the road appears to be blocked by burnt-out cars and the camera suddenly pans down. As he does, a body is seen on the ground to the right of a car. The car then turns sharply onto a secondary road and a man is seen running with a bag.

View of Mariupol from video obtained by CNN.
View of Mariupol from video obtained by CNN. (from telegram)

A second video begins as the same car drives north through a parking lot.

More gunshots are heard in the video as the car backs up Builders Avenue and heads north, where it came from.

In doing so, the body on the side of the road is seen again. The driver puts him on the ground amid gunfire. The vehicle passes by the destroyed police car and other bombed cars sitting on the road.

The driver continues to accelerate as destroyed buildings and downed cables zoom past.

More shots are heard, this time so close that the impact of the bullets can be heard. It is not known if the bullets hit the car or the ground nearby.

The car then drives away from the gunfire.

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