High parking fees were charged by scammers to families visiting a winter amusement park

A Christmas Day at the newly opened Winter Funland in Manchester was marred by opportunistic crooks tricking drivers into parking their cars for £ 10 a time, although parking at the event was completely free.

A woman posted on a community Facebook group, saying, “Just a warning… everyone who went to Winter Funland… there were a few guys scamming various cars to park.

“As we approached Winter Funland there were some high visibility guys directing people to a parking lot – everything looked normal – with yellow ‘park this way’ signs etc, taking away £ 10 on each car.

“When I asked why it was £ 10 when it was supposed to be included in the price the guy just said there was some confusion with the documents sent and it is £ 10 for parking .

“This guy made a killing today.”


Other visitors commented on the event’s official Facebook page, explaining that the crooks set up fake roadblocks to prevent people from entering the main parking lot.

One commentator said: “These f** on the main gate, preventing people from entering to park didn’t even work there judging by the sounds !!! Absolutely shocking that the event staff did not move them. “

Another added: ‘They charged me £ 10 to park on a road that anyone can park on.

“When asked about it, he said it was the owner of the road that was charging people that price. “

Greater Manchester Police are said to be monitoring the situation and urging those concerned to report it.

A spokesperson said: “Officers are aware of the situation on Longbridge Road, Trafford Park, and the neighborhood team is working with the facility manager.

“However, no victims have so far come forward – anyone who believes they have been wrongly charged can report it to the police.”

Earlier this year in Manchester, police warned airport travelers to beware of bogus ‘meet and greet’ parking services, which took cars hundreds of miles without permission.