High Street car park in Ilfracombe under new owner

112 Place High Street Car Park in Ilfracombe changed hands for the first time in 45 years, after being recently acquired by P2 Parking.

Jonathon Seddon, Director of P2 Parking explained: “We loved the High Street Car Park from the first time we saw it, despite the fact that there were only three cars – and one of between them was ours! We saw that it was in a great position, but was too expensive for users and suffered from a lack of TLC and investment. ”

To this end, the company has already worked to improve security by installing new low-energy lighting, deterring crime with high-definition CCTV cameras, and installed three modern parking lots that accept payments in cash, by card or via the RingGo app.

Jonathon commented: “We are fully aware that local businesses have been going through an exceptionally difficult time recently and believe that with our ownership of the parking lot we can play an important role in the recovery of the High Street by providing a safe deposit box. , inexpensive and convenient place for visitors to park. ”

‘The high season hourly rate has been reduced so it is now the cheapest in the city center and in the low season once visitors get home parking will only cost £ 1 for a full 24 hours. makes it exceptionally inexpensive for workers and buyers alike.

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‘We have also introduced a nightly rate of £ 1.50 as we are aware that many local hotels and guesthouses do not have their own parking facilities and so we can help them thrive by providing affordable parking for them. residents, it’s fantastic. . Users who park overnight can enjoy a leisurely breakfast and pick up their car at 9:30 am the next day. ”

“We look forward to playing our part in a vibrant and prosperous downtown Ilfracombe.”