I don’t like it – park the beautiful fury at the drive-thru

The entrance to the McDonald’s car park in Holdingham. EMN-211224-102747001

Mark Taylor, of Greylees, was furious to receive the fine from Met Parking who said he owed £ 60 if paid immediately but would quickly drop to £ 100 if he appealed.

He said the error occurred because cameras in the parking lot failed to correctly detect his Jaguar’s license plate in the dark and fog on two visits on consecutive days.

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McDonald’s said the parked contractor had now accepted the call and waived the fine, but Mr Taylor said he would not be returning to avoid the hassle and warned others could get caught in the same way way and pay.

Mark had gone to the drive at 5 p.m. on Sunday, December 12 to have a meal for his daughter after she finished work, then again around 6 a.m. the next morning for coffee on the way to Beverly. For his work.

Angry at the time he must have wasted on this, he said, “The company didn’t do any due diligence to see if I actually left and arrived again. Why the hell would I leave my car there for 14 hours when I only live four miles down the road? I’m sure the staff would have noticed an abandoned car there.

He added: “I did not use the parking lot on any occasion. They presented as evidence two photos of my own car, one entering on Sunday and the other leaving on Monday.

“It’s pretty obvious that since there are two lanes going off I missed them next to a camper van on Sunday and since it was dark and foggy on Monday my headlights would have been on which would make it very difficult to choose the camera. on my license plate.

He said: “I approached the very scruffy McDonald’s duty manager and he wasn’t bothered in the least and that wasn’t his problem at all. If you go through the drive and do not park, there are no readable notices regarding this third party company employed by the franchise owner.

He said this was a misuse of the PNC system for the purpose of leveraging parking fines and that an elderly person without internet access would have found it difficult to appeal the fine as he there was no phone number except to pay the money.

A McDonald’s spokesperson said, “We have parking restrictions in place at a number of our restaurants, with a time limit to ensure there is adequate parking for all of our customers. We are sorry that on this occasion the customer in question received an incorrect fine and apologize for the inconvenience caused.

They said the fine was overturned. Appeals are at the discretion of the parking control company on individual cases.