Interior design approval for the Donjons et Dragons du Léman museum | Local News

Visitors to the Cité du Léman will soon be able to spend the night at the Dungeons & Dragons-themed museum.

Members of the Lake Geneva City Council unanimously approved a conditional use permit on March 28 to allow the second floor of the Dungeon Hobby Shop Museum, 723 Williams St., to operate as a commercial lodging facility. interior.

Members of the planning commission unanimously approved the permit on March 21.

The museum’s second floor is expected to be operated as a short-term rental facility and will feature two bedrooms and an en-suite kitchen with two assigned parking spaces available for guests.

Attorney Timothy Brovold, representing the owners of the Dungeon Hobby Shop Museum, said guests will be welcome to visit the museum and participate in any games that may be held at the museum.

“The goal would be to allow guests to stay upstairs and then go downstairs and see the Dungeons & Dragons museum and allow them to stay and visit the museum and play, Brovold said. “There’s a lot of pressure for it and people who want to do it.”

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City Council members unanimously approved, on June 28, 2021, the rezoning of the property from the headquarters to the central business district to allow for the establishment of the museum.

Board members also unanimously approved, on June 28, 2021, permission to establish a commercial apartment on the second floor of the building to serve as residential space for the museum’s curator.

Brovold said the curator no longer resides at the facility, which is part of why museum owners decided to use the space as a short-term rental location.

“It’s already set up really for that with the two chambers,” Brovold said. “They laid out the parking lot last year, also in this direction, and met all the requirements for parking space.”

Jackie Mich, associate planner for Vanderwalle & Associates, Inc., said the museum owners have met all requirements for the building’s second level to operate as a short-term rental facility.

“It’s basically a change of use from a commercial apartment to a second-floor commercial apartment,” Mich said. “We have two parking spaces provided on site which would be sufficient for commercial indoor accommodation. Because this business is a central zoned business, there are additional parking requirements for the Hobby Shop Museum. zoning perspective, they are covered in terms of parking.”

The Dungeon Hobby Shop Museum, which opened in July 2021, features books, artifacts, games and memorabilia related to Dungeons & Dragons.

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The Lake Geneva Museum, 255 Mill St. in Lake Geneva, is setting up a Dungeons and Dragons themed exhibit titled “A Legacy of Imagination. The Making of a Culture”.

Lake Geneva is often called the “birthplace of Dungeons & Dragons”.

Co-founder Gary Gygax developed the idea of ​​fantasy role-playing in his former home at 330 Center St., which in recent years has also been rented out for overnight stays and game days.