Letter: Man wants to apologize after questionable parking fine

On Friday 11th February my wife and I received a claim for £90 (reduced to £45 if paid within 28 days) from a company called Parkingeye.

It was for allegedly parking our car for over six hours and 37 minutes in the Lidl car park.

Luckily we were able to prove that was not the case, but only after contacting a local venue near Braintree to get a copy of their CCTV.

We also had confirmation from our grandson’s school that we were going to pick him up when Parkingeye said we were in the Lidl car park.

We had parked for 15 minutes early in the morning to do our shopping.

Then we took our granddaughter to the Blue Egg near Great Bardfield.

Later in the afternoon, after picking up our grandson from school, I returned to the Lidl parking lot to bring food to the community fridge.

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Parkingeye’s camera captured my car in similar locations each time. The time between our first arrival and the second was six hours 37 minutes!

Parkingeye had photographed us arriving for the second time but said that was the time we left.

Lidl management staff were most helpful when the situation was explained to them.

With their report and the work that my wife and I did, we were able to prove that Parkingeye was totally wrong to send the request.

I received an unsigned letter saying the charge was canceled but no apology yet.

I appreciate the issues Lidl may have with unauthorized parking, but wonder how many other buyers have paid without wondering about the charges?

Steve Card

Chapel Hill, Halstead