Maddening Moment: A Man Steals A Woman’s Car Seat

A TikTok video of a man’s altercation with a woman in a parking space has gone viral.

Footage of a man stealing a parking space from a woman with his indicators on inside a crowded parking lot has gone viral on social media.

The short clip shows two men in a car, the passenger sitting in disbelief as his companion pulled up to where a woman was backing up.

“Hey, I’ve been waiting for this,” the woman can be heard shouting after being grabbed her seat.

“No, I was expecting it. Go outside.”

“It’s a cold world!” Get a jacket. I had to, you know what I mean? the driver answered.

“I can’t physically go out, Vic Roads took my licence.”

The otherwise uneventful video gained over 1.4 million views in four days, attracting over 3,000 comments and 240,000 likes.

The uploader added several comments below as users weighed in on its behavior.

“I have to put myself first,” he said.

Many warned that his actions were a surefire way to “get your car locked”, embarrassing him for pinching the place.

However, some were in favor of his brazen maneuver.

“It’s a public car park. I know she’s been waiting for this place, but life isn’t fair sometimes, one viewer commented.

“Everyone says they’re wrong but I would have done the same like you said cold world,” said another.

Originally published as Maddening Moment: A Man Steals A Woman’s Car Seat