Mallow traffic cops issue 179 tickets in a month

Traffic officers working for Cork County Council in the town of Mallow imposed 179 fines on motorists for parking violations over a four-week period from April 25 to May 26.

The figure was given to Kanturk / Mallow councilors at their June meeting by District Officer Matt Farrell, who told them the fines were imposed for various reasons.

They exceeded the authorized time, parked in a prohibited area (i.e. on a double yellow line or on a sidewalk), parked in a loading area or a disabled bus stop and did not display a tax .

During a lengthy discussion of the matter, many councilors felt this figure was quite high, with Councilor Pat Hayes saying he believed imposing parking fines may well deter people from coming to town. to shop.

“There was a big movement to bring people back to the city and if I came to town for shopping and got a € 40 fine I would be slow to come back. “, did he declare.

Councilor Liam Madden agreed, saying there appeared to be some confusion over time limits in some areas of the city.

A point also raised by Cllr Tony O’Shea in a motion calling for additional signage to inform people of the time limits in each area, to address the issue of people staying over time.

Although Mr Farrell said the authority would look into the matter, he stressed that the guards had been “more than generous” to people staying beyond the deadlines, especially in the parking areas. ‘one hour from downtown,’ he told councilors.

“Given the Covid situation, the guards have for some time used their discretion to allow people to stay well past the one hour limit,” Mr Farrell said.

“In fact, you might have been too generous. Those who received fines went way over time. For example, no car that stayed 90 minutes in a 60-minute zone received a ticket,” he said. -he adds.

Meanwhile, a motion by Cllr Tony O’Shea to extend the free parking regime in city parking lots for an additional three months until September was passed by councilors.

However, Mr Farrell stressed that this would impact the district’s budget for 2021, which he said was “already under stress”.

While Cllr Hayes said paid parking was never meant to be a “revenue generator” for the authority, senior council executive Mary Hayes stressed that the budget approved by councilors for this year was based on the paid parking as a source of income.

Payment of paid parking in Mallow until September

One hour free parking in all streets of the city.

Current state of the city’s car parks and timetables:

Bowling Green car park – Free all day

Muddy Hill Parking – Free all day

Park Road Parking – Free all day

Bridge Street Parking – Free all day

Shortcastle Street (northern half) – Free all day

Carmichael Lane Parking – Free 3 hours

St. James’ Ave Parking Lot – 2 hours free

Spa Walk parking – 2 hours free