Man filmed beating up pony in supermarket parking lot

A man who was filmed beating a pony in the parking lot of a supermarket has been banned from keeping animals after the RSPCA found out she was being kept in a dirty barn with nothing to eat.

John Reid, of Morecambe, was caught hitting the black pony, named Pebbles, repeatedly for several minutes with a blue plastic pole.

He was heard saying “she has to learn” as he hits the one-year-old horse at least 15 times, the RSPCA said.

Reid, 31, pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering by repeatedly beating his pony and failing to meet his needs. He was banned from keeping animals for five years.

The RSPCA opened an investigation after a member of the public recorded Reid beating the pony on October 10 last year.

Witnesses described how Reid hit Pebbles “forcibly” with his arm raised above his head, the RSPCA said.

A witness filmed the incident on his cell phone

RSPCA Inspector Will Lamping visited the stable where Pebbles was kept, where he found the ground covered with horse droppings and ivy, which is poisonous to horses, growing in the back .

Pebbles was underweight with his shoulders and spine protruding, according to the RSPCA. His ribs were also visible.

Inspector Lamping said Pebbles did not have a clean area or litter box to stand on, and no food available to him.

She has also been seen chewing on the wood in her stable, which horses often do when they aren’t getting adequate nutrition, the RSPCA said.

RSPCA said Pebbles was underweight when they found her

A report from a veterinarian, submitted to the court, said: “The stable had no bedding.

“The ground was deeply wet and soggy, with a number of plastic bags mixed in with the feces.

“This environment was totally unsuitable for a horse because of its unsanitary conditions.

“There was nowhere clean or dry for the horse to rest comfortably or to protect it from the cold and the hard stone floor.”

The court heard that the stable was “unsanitary” and “completely unsuitable for a horse”

Pebbles was taken over by the police and turned over to the RSPCA.

In mitigation, the court heard that the conditions Pebbles was kept under were only temporary, as Reid intended to sell her.

Magistrates have called the offenses “serious,” the RSPCA said, and Reid will not be able to seek the lifting of his five-year ban for three years.

Reid, of Bartholomew Road, Morecambe, was given a 10 week prison sentence suspended for 12 months at Blackpool Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday 10 November.

He was also ordered to pay £ 200 in costs and a victim fine surcharge of £ 128.

Pebbles is now in RSPCA care and much healthier

After the sentencing hearing, Inspector Lamping said, “Reid’s actions have caused Pebbles pain, fear and physical and psychological suffering.

“She was very young and as a yearling she needed a lesson to educate her rather than being reprimanded in this way.

“By beating a pony in a way that causes fear and pain, it can ultimately affect the way it learns and interacts with humans in the future.”

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