Many St. Andrews residents are unhappy with proposed building height restrictions

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) – Frustration surfaced at Panama City Hall Monday afternoon during a planning board meeting.

Some residents of St. Andrews have been shocked by the proposed changes to building height restrictions.

Residents apparently missed discussions about Dover-Kohl’s revitalization plans at charrette meetings earlier this year.

Some of the proposals involve changes, including height restrictions, margin changes and parking adjustments.

Residents seemed most upset with the new height restriction.

If approved, developers could only build four stories instead of the current 100-foot limit.

But resident Greg Clubbs said if it hadn’t been for Hurricane Michael or Covid, he might have built a 100-foot building on his property by now.

“Considering green space, water retention, parking requirements, you have to almost go vertical to have efficient use of the property and something has to be compromised if you can’t go vertical. “said Clubbs, a longtime St. Andrews resident. . “Either you have to give up the green space, or you have to give up water retention, or you have to limit parking. “

Clubbs said that a four-story building would actually only be a two-story building.

The ground floor should be for parking and the top for mechanics.

Residents said they were bringing their concerns to the city commission meeting on Tuesday morning.