Mountain Statesman | Return of Paradise Cove Buckwheat dinner is a hit

KNOTSVILLE—After a short hiatus, the Paradise Cove Community Center Board of Directors welcomed residents back for the return of their famous Buckwheat Cake Dinner, and the event was a resounding success.

“Paradise Cove Community Center thanks you,” exclaimed council chair Duretha Mayle. “We had a huge turnout for dinner!”

She said that in total, the organization served just over three hundred meals to hungry residents.

“We served 302 dinners, which is just amazing,” Mayle said. “We just want to thank the community again for all the support!”

In addition to showing their gratitude to those who came and made the dinner a success, the board also wanted to thank the volunteers who helped cook, serve and clean up during the day.

And with a successful return of the delicious dinner, held twice a year, the Paradise Cove Community Center Board of Directors has already set its sights on its fall event.

“Mark your calendars because our Fall Buckwheat Dinner is October 8-9,” Mayle revealed. “We hope to see you there!”

Although the event is months away, she shared that she would like to remind residents that their newly renovated building is up for rent.

For 35 years, residents have gathered for baby showers, bridal showers, birthday parties, fundraising dinners and festive breakfasts at the Paradise Cove Community Building.

Built by community members on land donated by Ruth Collins, the building has been the site of many memories. When the structure fell victim to land colonization after the mine penetrated underneath, people decided they had to step in and help make the necessary repairs.

According to Mayle, chairman of the Paradise Cove Community Council, a newer, more modern building has been erected in place of the aging and damaged facility.

Not only will guests be greeted with a beautiful exterior and spacious interior, but the community building at Paradise Cove will now also offer additional special amenities.

“We all have new appliances, including a gas stove and griddle, refrigerator, ice maker and coffee maker. We are also able to offer air conditioning, as well as heating, so events can be enjoyed year-round, explained Mayle. “And with room for about 100 people, the new center is the perfect place to hold your family reunions, parties, dinners or fundraisers.”

The Paradise Cove Community Center is located at 384 Paradise Cove Road in the Knottsville area of ​​Taylor County. With ample parking, new amenities and spacious space, it’s sure to be a great place for your next meeting.

“We have plenty of dates available, so give us a call to claim yours today,” Mayle said.

Those wishing to use the facility should call Marge at 304-265-1419 to verify available dates. Information is also available on the organization’s Facebook page.

Be sure to like and follow their page, by searching for Paradise Cove Community Center, to stay up to date with rental dates and future features.