M&S customer injured after trying to open door of thief’s getaway car

An M&S customer was injured after trying to open the door of a thief’s getaway car.

Now ‘stressed’ staff say the chain’s Cleveland Retail Park branch needs more security to deal with the ‘constant’ barrage of shoplifters. The incident happened around 10.25am on Sunday when a man allegedly “cleaned up a good chunk” of the store’s steak section, off Skipper’s Lane.

He had jumped into a waiting vehicle, but it is believed the customer attempted to open the car door as it raced out of the parking lot. The customer was taken back to the store and treated for “minor” injuries by paramedics.

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M&S says it takes the safety of its customers and colleagues “very seriously” and “regularly reviews” store operations to “ensure it continues to be a safe place to work and shop”.

A worker, who did not want to be identified, said shoplifters were targeting the store every day and the problem was getting worse. “Where there is food and booze – and good food and booze – there will always be shoplifters, they said.

“But sometimes it’s so egregious. It’s not just a one-time event, it’s an everyday occurrence. We have regulars, desperate people who probably need to shoplift to feed their habits.

“No matter how many times the staff say ‘you’re kicked out’, they still come the next day and say ‘am I? “, This is a constant thing. It falls on deaf ears. They are just opportunists, there is no abuse of staff.

“But you don’t know to what extremes they will go next.” The staff member said he confronted a prolific shoplifter and asked her why she kept trying to steal from the store.

“She turned around and looked at me and said ‘because I’m desperate,'” they told Teesside Live. A staff member was also assaulted by a shoplifter at the store in February, they added.

“It’s not a good situation. If Joe Bloggs gets away with it and says to his friends ‘we’ve got x, y, z’ they think we’re an easy target and others will try.”

M&S at Cleveland Retail Park, Middlesbrough

“Your eyes are on the rods all day waiting for the next thing,” they continued. “It’s not because there have been price increases in the cost of living, and I don’t believe it’s because people can’t afford to eat because it’s been going on for ages. chandeliers.

“It’s stressful for the staff. We all feel the situation is getting worse. We need more security.”

A Cleveland Police spokeswoman said: ‘A member of the public suffered minor injuries during an incident involving a vehicle at Cleveland Retail Park on Sunday morning May 15. The vehicle was later located and recovered by police .Investigations are ongoing.”

Meanwhile, an M&S spokesperson added: “WWe are supporting the police in their investigation into a robbery that took place on Sunday morning, and we spoke with our client today to make sure he is ok.

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