Multi-story parking required at Mayo University Hospital

MULTI-FLOOR parking should be available at Mayo University Hospital, where people have easy, covered, access to the facility.

The need to improve parking at the center was highlighted by Councilor Cyril Burke at a meeting of the roads committee which heard about a new vehicle parking strategy, which is being developed for the county. .

Parking in general in the county, Councilor Burke said, has been on time and never really been planned. There would be a place available and it has become a parking lot, when it is necessary to foresee it.

Most notable for him was at Mayo University Hospital, where there should be a multi-story parking lot where people can enter, freely access, and do so under cover.

It is difficult to get to the hospital from most of the facility’s car parks, especially for the elderly.

Most of those present have some illness, but you wanted to be healthy to get to the hospital as planned, he said.

Regarding the proposed new parking strategy in general, Councilor Burke said they should consider charging points in parking lots and along the road network at strategic locations for electric vehicles.