New Year’s Eve Party Guidelines in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: The three Greater Hyderabad Police Commissioners have issued do’s and don’ts for New Years Eve celebrations. Three-star and higher hotels, clubs and pubs have been urged to adhere to the new guidelines which will remain in effect. effective between December 31, 2021 and January 1, 2022.

Here are the standards that should be implemented on New Years Eve.

1. Covid19 standards:

I. Organizers and management must ensure that physical distancing is maintained at the venue.

ii. The organizers and management will ensure that no one without a mask is allowed in the venue.

iii. Organizers and management should ensure that IR thermometers / thermal scanners are available at the entry point to scan people entering the venue.

2. The organizers ensure that no one is authorized without the production of an electronic or physical certificate of the two doses of vaccination.

3. The license holder (bar, clubs, pubs, etc.) must personally and responsibly ensure that passes / tickets / coupons are not to be sold / issued / given beyond the capacity that violates Covid protocols and social distancing in order to keep everything safe.

4. A fine of Rs. 1,000 for non-wearing of a mask by people in public areas will be imposed.

5. In the recent report of the omicron variant, the organizers will ensure the following, in addition to the usual Covid guidelines:

I. All necessary steps should be taken by the organizers to ensure that participants / guests are well aware of the relevant information, regulations and restrictions, in vogue, in advance. Regular announcements / visual display arrangements may be made on the site for this purpose.

ii. Engage more staff and stewards in high risk areas where crowds are likely to form, such as concession stands / bars, washrooms, elevators, hallways, walkways and entry / exit points , and during standing performances for proper compliance with covid standards.

iii. All staff and organizers at the site must test negative for COVID-19 within the past 48 hours.

6. The organizer will ensure that surgical masks are provided to everyone on site and will provide hand sanitizers / disinfectants that meet prescribed standards and specifications.

7. The organizer will ensure that the premises and potentially contaminated areas are cleaned and disinfected before the start of the program.


1. DJs are not allowed in outdoor events.

2. The sound of the Musical Event must not be heard outside the premises, any complaints from neighbors will be treated seriously.

3. The noise levels set by the Central Pollution Control Board, which are 45 decibels, must be strictly observed.

4. Singers should not enter the crowd but should be in a separate area reserved for them.

5. No vulgarity or obscene dress or obscene dancing should be allowed.

6. The Licensee is responsible for the prevention of the use of Drugs & Psychotropic Substances by the participants in the event or on the premises. If the directions fail to prevent the same, it will lead to the guilt of the management and action will be taken according to the law. The organizer should pay particular attention to parking areas and other places where drugs are smuggled. This can be taken seriously by the license holder, as it will be their sole responsibility to prevent drug abuse on the premises and severe criminal and penal measures will follow.

7. In accordance with the Public Safety Enforcement (Measures) Act 2013 AP, the license holder must ensure that CCTV cameras with recording facility are installed at all points of entry and exit. exit from the establishment covering 50 meters of the streets in front of the establishment. CCTV cameras should also be installed with a recording facility in the parking spaces.

8. They must not serve alcohol beyond the hours authorized by the excise service and alcohol must not be served to minors.

9. No minors are allowed in the programs organized for couples.

10. The organizers are warned not to display fireworks or allow firearms at the venue of the event.

11. No live band should be conducted in bars and restaurants.


1. The Licensee must ensure the parking of all vehicles inside the premises of the establishment. It should not allow parking on the main road.

2. The license holder must appoint a sufficient number of security guards and inform them about the systematic parking inside the premises and also regulate the traffic in front of the entry and exit gates and take the appropriate security measures. inside the site.

3. There should be separate doors for entry and exit.

4. It is the responsibility of the pub / bar management to make the necessary arrangements to provide drivers / taxis for intoxicated customers to reach their destinations safely.

5. The concept of a “designated driver for a day” who can bring co-passengers home safely without indulging in over-limit drinking should be explained to customers and posted in prominent places. for their safety.