No charges expected during filming at Arizona pavilions | Marana

The Pima County District Attorney’s Office is quiet on whether prosecutors plan to press charges against a man who shot another man in a physical altercation, presumably in a parking space at a shopping mall in Marana at the beginning of the month.

While the Marana Police Department published that its criminal investigation unit has been informed by the county prosecutor’s office that charges would not be pursued “against the shooter or the man who was shot” on the page Department Facebook last week, County Prosecutor Laura Conover has yet to confirm because her office is still trying to contact the injured person’s family.

Conover wrote in a text to Marana News on Friday April 23: “I asked for services to be provided to the family, so now I’m going through their lawyer to get the meeting. I know that time is synonymous with stress in situations, so I offered the weekend.

She later wrote on Sunday April 25 that her office had been unable to contact the family over the weekend, but that they would continue their efforts.

Marana News requested a copy of the incident report from the MPD, but did not receive the official document from the department at the time of publication.

While details regarding the case are unclear, Sgt. Abel Samano has confirmed that Marana cops responded to a 911 call about a shooting in the Ross Dress For Less parking lot in the Arizona Pavilion Market on Cortaro Road at 12:32 p.m. on Saturday, April 10.

“All other parties involved were arrested on the spot. There was no current warrant and no danger to the public, ”Samano said. “We have several witnesses all over the [parking] parcel. As you can imagine it was very busy at the time and there were a lot of people watching and seeing it.

Samano also confirmed that a man suffered a single gunshot wound to his abdomen during the scuffle and was then taken to UMC Banner Hospital after officers administered first aid. The sergeant declined to comment further since the investigation was still open at the time. However, he asked Marana News to check the department’s Facebook page for future details on the case.

MDP’s initial post on the April 16 incident stated: “Preliminary information indicates that the two adult men argued and then physically fought for a short time. The two separated and a man was shot in the abdomen during the separation. Both subjects had firearms in their possession during the incident. The two subjects were at the scene and spoke to detectives.

In a social media update on the case on April 22, the ministry said its criminal investigation was complete and responded to citizens’ concerns for more details. The MPD dispelled online speculation that the gunman then run over the person who had been shot down with his vehicle, stating that “detectives spoke with all identified witnesses, none of whom reported anyone was run over or hit by a vehicle. “

MPD also questioned whether the shooting should be considered a hate crime due to the nature of the incident and the race of those involved. In a Facebook post, MPD said: “During interviews with all identified witnesses and parties involved, detectives found no evidence that would lead them to believe that this incident was motivated by the affiliation of the either party to a group listed in Arizona. Statutes 41-1750, subsection A, paragraph 3. This law specifically governs the investigation of hate crimes. ”

While the Marana Police Department and the Pima County District Attorney’s Office did not disclose the names of either of those involved in the shooting, a GoFundMe for Jarron Taylor-Smith – an Afro man – American alleged to have been shot – cites incident in online fundraiser. bio and polls MPD’s official account The GoFundMe has raised $ 7,783 to meet its goal of $ 25,000 since its launch on April 13.

In the fundraising biography, organizer Billie Fuller writes: “The assailant was a middle-aged white man, whose picture I have not yet obtained, decided to attempt murder because the man felt he was entitled to a parking space that Jarron did not leave quickly. sufficient. Witnesses at the scene said the assailant initiated the confrontation, attempted to strangle himself, and then attempted to lift and slam Jarron onto concrete without success. Jarron’s only attempt to defend himself was to push the man out of himself and attempted to turn away to leave the situation. He was then shot in the back by the assailant.

Fuller, who is a family member of Taylor-Smith, then disputes MPD’s claim that the two were armed during the confrontation and that the shooter crushed Taylor-Smith’s legs after shooting him in the biography. fundraising: able to shoot him [Taylor-Smith] to death, the assailant then got into his vehicle and proceeded to run over Jarron with the intent to assassinate before fleeing. Even though Jarron did not have a weapon on his person, the Marana Police Department is currently trying to frame Jarron for the entire altercation, claiming the assailant had every right to bring the situation up in self-defense. and tries to prevent charges from being prosecuted. against him.”

Fuller later writes that Taylor-Smith suffered multiple injuries as a result of the shooting and is not expected to regain his mobility after suffering severed nerves to his lower spine, as well as part of his small intestine removed due to of bullet fragments lodged. Donations collected from GoFundMe are expected to help cover family expenses and a wheelchair for Taylor-Smith, according to the fundraiser’s biography.

Marana News has reached out to Fuller for comment, but has been unable to make contact at press time.