Opening of a new restaurant, the Lobster Pitstop at the Dearborn restaurant

Fans who drove through town to wait in long lines to sample the Lobster Food Truck are in luck. The Lobster Pitstop, a by-product of the popular Detroit subway food truck showcase, opened on Saturday, November 20 at 10405 Ford Road in Dearborn.

The company serves a variety of lobster dishes hard to find on the Detroit subway, such as hot and cold lobster rolls with garlic butter and fresh herbs, lobster mac and cheese, soup of lobster bisque with crackers, waffle fries with ketchup, and cheese oatmeal with sautéed shrimp, lobster and fresh herbs.

Chef Nick Wilson, co-owner of the Lobster Food Truck and Pitstop, said the Pitstop will also offer items such as grilled lobster cheese and salmon, with a weekly rotating menu.

Chef Nick Wilson and co-owner Kathryn Wilson at the Lobster Pitstop on opening day in Dearborn.

The black-owned food truck, co-owned by Nick Wilson and his aunt Kathryn Wilson, has grown in popularity since opening in 2018, mostly through word of mouth. The Lobster Food Truck sets up for a drive-thru in the Detroit metro parking lots. A weekly online calendar displays the locations, places and events where they will be parked and there is always a long line of customer cars waiting.

Kathryn and her nephew grew up cooking together, before working in the restaurant industry in Atlanta and South Florida. The seafood business was her idea, and she thought it would be more efficient to start with a truck. Once they started to grow, they decided to expand by opening the Lobster Pitstop for more space to cook for commercial businesses, catering, and events.

In the early days of the pandemic, as events – the lifeblood of mobile restaurants – dried up, owners turned to partners in the business community for help.

“When COVID hit, nobody wanted us in their parking lots,” Nick says. “We ended up teaming up with LA Fitness to park in their parking lots. They said, “As long as you make good food, we can take some of it,” which was a win-win situation. We went to all of their locations.

Hands hold a container of takeout pasta with lobster meat and shrimp in a creamy sauce.

The Lobster Pitstop offers a variety of items ranging from lobster mac and cheese to lobster rolls.

A red and black counter stands in front of white walls with a menu and a sign that says

The Lobster Pitstop will serve as the mobile food truck’s first permanent delivery location, the Lobster Food Truck.

The restaurant now offers reservations for private events and games, has served Detroit sports teams, and this year the truck will be parked in downtown Detroit for tree lighting. Nick says his goal is to grow in the Detroit subway and across the state.

In addition to its fresh lobster from Maine, the Lobster Food Truck and Pitstop also favor fresh products. Nick and Kathryn plan to open a community garden in their hometown of Westside Detroit not only to provide vegetables to the community, but also to support their business. They experimented with growing fresh herbs and learned that they have a green thumb for gardening and growing. “In many areas of Detroit, there is no fresh produce unless you go to Whole Foods,” says Nick. “There isn’t a lot of fresh local produce and if I could grow it every time it would be amazing.

An exterior photo of the brick building that houses the Lobster Pitstop.

The Lobster Pitstop is a take-out only restaurant.

Kathryn says the Urban Garden will also give them the opportunity to give back to the community. “I believe the next step in the evolution of our business is to have the ability to have some control over our products,” she says. “So that we can cultivate it ourselves.” “

Whether in the food truck or at the storefront, Kathryn says the main goal of the business is to connect with the community. “My motto is, ‘We work hard, we laugh harder,’” she says. The Lobster Food Truck and Pitstop “is our way of being part of the community. It’s not just about making money, it’s about establishing something and being a part of something bigger than ourselves.

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