Paid parking will soon be available in the cotton district of Starkville

STARKVILLE, Mississippi (WTVA) – Residents of Starkville will soon have to add a new app to their phones in order to pay for parking in parts of the city.

One of the main targets on the map of city leaders is the cotton district.

Starkville Town Hall. Intake: August 18, 2021.

“It’s not supposed to be particularly expensive,” said Starkville Mayor Lynn Spruill. “It’s just to make sure people don’t park there 24/7.”

City leaders believe that adding paid parking will ensure a constant turnover of cars parked at each location during normal business hours.

Paid parking would start on Montgomery Street and cross the Cotton District towards Mississippi State University.

This area is a common meeting place for university students.

A junior from MSU said he was not a fan of the potential cash grab.

“It’s a cool place to hang out, get off campus for a little while. Adding paid parking makes things more difficult, keeps us a bit at home now, ”said Ethan LeBlanc. “Why would I want to go pay for parking?” I prefer to park on campus and walk if that’s the case.

The city plans to use a phone app for customers to pay for parking space.

In fact, Spruill said it would be the same app used by MSU students on campus.

Some say it can be a burden on drivers, but Mayor Spruill believes it will be more beneficial for businesses in this region.

Spruill said she hopes the app will be up and running by January.

The board hoped to discuss the details at the next board meeting on Tuesday; however, the applicant company did not send a contract before the meeting.

Once the contract is received, they will sort out details like the cost of parking or if there will be a time limit.